Who is Manon Hache, founder of Rendez-Vous Vintage?

A Burberry Vintage trench coat at only 15 euros per kilo? Unheard of, except at Manon Hache. This young 30-year-old from Mons organizes vintage meetings twice a month. These events, dear to the hearts of fashion fans and vintage lovers, have been organized for almost 10 years now. A real success story.

It is 2 steps from Mons, in Ghlin more precisely, that Manon Ax welcomes its customers from all over Belgium but also from France. His baroque-style store is located in his home, in a dedicated room. Her house is located on the family plot where her father and brother live and she recognizes that “sWithout my family, I could never have accomplished all that I have achieved “. Since she was 21, Manon has been successful in the vintage and second-hand market, a market whose growth is 11 times greater than that of fast-fashion clothing.

Vinted, Facebook Market and others, just have to watch out! Manon Hache had felt the vein long before. ” I have always liked to dress differently and with my mother, we have always hunted at flea markets or in solidarity stores. By force, I accumulated a ton of clothes… I couldn’t keep everything so, on the advice of my brother, I started by organizing a vacuum-dressing. Almost a hundred people came and I felt there was something to do”. The machine is started and The Vintage Rendezvous is created. First in her garden, then in an empty house just across from her. “I think it’s this authentic side that people like about me. I know them all, it’s a good child. It’s only been 3 years that she has dedicated a room in her house to her activity. But his concept never changed “I think that by wanting to change your concept too often, you scatter and people lose interest. I wanted to do events more regularly and in the end I worked more but earned the same salary”. In a society where being exhausted at work is well regarded, Manon has a lifestyle and an entrepreneurship that is a little different from the others.

“I realized my dream, that of being free”

There are now multiple reasons for buying second-hand pieces: a more ecological approach in the face of a fast-fashion industry with deplorable ethics, attractive prices, rare pieces, etc. But it is above all her immense love for fashion that motivated Manon Hache: “I love vintage but I also love current fashion, I always reconcile these 2 worlds to offer vintage but completely fashionable clothes”.

The young woman never wanted to kill herself at work, which is often the fate of many freelancers. “When I started, getting support from an accountant or other financial professional was difficult because no one understood my philosophy, even though I was making a very good living.” These events, organized only twice a month, seemed too few to make it a viable project. But the recipe works, so she sees no reason to change the way she does it: “Being independent involves certain constraints, but the positive aspects are also much more numerous. I live at my own pace, I travel when I feel like it, I don’t obey anyone. I realized my dream, that of being free.

The success is such that a queue sometimes begins to form 2 hours before the start of the sale. “I decided that it was not up to me to wait for customers but the reverse. I create impatience with them, by teasing what will be available and it works. People come from all over and line up outside hoping to find some pieces at my house. My racks are always robbed. »

“Inspiring people is very flattering”

While vintage stores are springing up everywhere in Mons as elsewhere, Manon does not imagine her concept any other way, as she has tried her hand at styling but also at influencing Instagram. For her, her first love remains her concept to which she wishes to remain faithful “We always think you have to do new things to be successful, sometimes sticking to your core concept is the best thing to do.”

The second hand is definitely a rapidly growing market, which represents nearly 90 million buyers in 2021 worldwide against some 16 million in 2020. A flourishing business therefore… To young entrepreneurs Manon Hache advises: “I strongly believe in the law of attraction, what is due to you will come back to you by right if you give yourself the means. So go for it! » Keeping up to date with trends, keeping prices attractive and promoting the exception of its concept is its recipe for success. A simple blend, but one that stands out in an increasingly competitive market.


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Who is Manon Hache, founder of Rendez-Vous Vintage?

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