What is this “369 method”, a magic formula for making all your back-to-school dreams come true?

Just like the new year, the back to school is often synonymous with new beginning(s). These pivotal periods fill us with good will to start the coming period on the right foot.

Thus, goals are set, resolutions are adopted, commitments to oneself are made and dreams are fantasized.

Furthermore, some practice from personal development promise everyone to achieve their dreams. One of them exploded on social networks, especially on TikTok… This is the famous “369 method”.

What concepts is this “369 method” based on?

The “369 method” is based on the practice of “demonstration” (act of “manifesting” in English), which itself is based on the highly publicized “law of attraction”. Broadly speaking, it consists in expressing without filter, to the Universe, one’s intentions, one’s desires and one’s deepest dreams so that they come true.

Followers of “manifesting” and the “law of attraction” in general believe that there is a inescapable link between our thoughts and reality. In summary, if you believe very strongly that something is going to happen, it will in fact happen. And the most? This wish can concern all areas of life: lovefriendship, career, money etc.

And if you still can’t figure out what it is, a proverb stated by Buddha himself illustrates the logic of this practice beautifully: “What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create”.

Where is she from ?

If it has spread like wildfire on social networks, it is also because it was born there. This is Karin Yee, famous coach at the head of the Youtube channel “Choosing Gratitude”who conceptualized said method.

The numbers that form its name were not chosen at random: they have a very precise meaning in the world of numerology.

3 connects us to the Universe and to the source. 6 symbolizes the strength that lies deep within us. 9 is a number that removes all doubt and pushes us forward.

How to properly apply this method?

Ondine Khayat, psychotherapist interviewed by our counterparts from Cosmopolitanexplains how this viral method works. “You have to start by defining a desire that really drives us, then you have to write it down 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon and 9 times in the evening, all between 33 and 45 days. »

Each intention must be written for 17 seconds : 17 seconds is actually the time deemed necessary to fully concentrate on the affirmation and be in a true state of manifestation. And it must be written not in the conditional but in the past, as if it had already happened in practice. We accompany the fact of our feelings vis-à-vis its accomplishment and bingo! Method 369 has been applied.

For example, if you want a raise, the statement might look like this: “I am delighted to have received a raise. I am so grateful, I can finally fund all my projects.”

Of course, the effectiveness of this method has not been proven and demonstrated by science. Moreover, it is not enough to manifest your intention for it to come true… You must also complete the 369 method by working in this direction and by giving yourself the means to achieve your dreams.

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What is this “369 method”, a magic formula for making all your back-to-school dreams come true?

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