Well-being: recreating one’s existence

From these reflections, the author Jackie Hamilton presents different keys so that everyone can take control of their destiny in order to live up to their aspirations.

Too often, we passively wait for something to happen. We wait for a great professional opportunity, a new job offer, a magical romantic relationship and, unfortunately, nothing happens. “We are waiting for a miracle,” proclaims the author. But miracles, if we take a step back, we know that they happen very rarely.

In his book, the author suggests that we must provoke them, because only we have the potential to achieve them. Instead of waiting for the miracle to enter our life from the outside, we must, on the contrary, know how to create it in ourselves to exteriorize it and make it concrete.

To achieve this, you must already know what you want instead of remaining vague about your objectives. Then, you have to dare to step out of your comfort zone and then take action.

Demonstrating courage, resilience and commitment are the main keys to recreating yourself. Besides, how many times have we heard people say during the pandemic about their professional situation that they have reinvented themselves. Like it or not, the conclusion is obvious, it is they, most of the time, who came out on top.

Know how to adapt

According to a great philosopher, it is not the strongest of the species who survives, nor the most intelligent, but rather the one who knows how to adapt to change.

Whether we like it or not, even in our modern world, it is imperative to adapt and this is especially true in our ever-changing era. Those who resist stagnate relative to those who show flexibility. They are the ones who are more likely to emerge winners from the equation, says the author.

Increase your mental potential

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The brain has a very great potential, we have all heard it before. Author Charlie Haid, who calls himself “the mentalist”, exploits the subject claiming that he uses his brain better than the majority of others. It is after having devoted himself to mentalism for eight years that he delivers in his book ten keys so that everyone can use his discoveries. We understand that non-verbal language is at the center of his book. By learning to decode the body language of others, we manage to detect lies and guess the emotions of our interlocutor. In addition, its tricks allow you to develop your own intuition, influence several people at once, develop your memorization or read a book in a very short time.

The author suggests in his book to connect to the brain of others in order to facilitate communication. To achieve this, we start by imitating the gestures of others during a face-to-face conversation. So if your interlocutor crosses his legs, you do the same thing. It is a form of synchronism. Then, we use active listening, repeating the last words of the last sentence of your interlocutor using a questioning tone. Thus, the person in front of you will develop what he is trying to express. Above all, she will feel listened to, even understood. Besides, attentive and sincere listening has always been one of the best ways to be appreciated by others. In addition to the manipulation that hides behind certain techniques, his methods are useful in different professions, especially for those who work in sales and who need to convince others.

Physical and mental balance

WE1210 Bourbonnais Well-being

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Those who believe in energy care, but who do not particularly like to call on a therapist, will find in this book about sixty techniques to manage to relieve themselves. Physical and mental health are often linked and this is demonstrated very well in this book. We propose in particular to practice acupressure at specific places on your body in order to eliminate energy blockages allowing to treat various spasms, migraines, digestive disorders and much more.

This is because several points, on the hands for example, correspond to a specific organ. These are methods derived from acupuncture. When the blockages have disappeared, the circulation is free, the body is in harmony allowing to be in good health. These techniques would also make it possible to open one’s mind since in moments of great fatigue our subconscious is foggy. Concentration and memorization are then more difficult. Thus, a good energy circulation makes it possible to find its psychic means and of course the physical form. In addition, fatigue, stress and even burnout can be relieved through various techniques as well as through meditation. Several other themes are covered, including the law of attraction, visualization, circles of protection, the use of stones and good vitamins to consume.

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Well-being: recreating one’s existence

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