We have classified (objectively) the attractions of Futuroscope

The Futuroscope is a wonderful place. Far from the brawling kids who demand to see Mickey, far from the music of the indomitable Gauls, the park appears as an oasis of serenity in the middle of this beautiful department of Vienne. However, it remains an amusement park and not just any since it is still in fourth place in the ranking of French parks with almost 2 million visitors in 2019.

Today, Konbini techno decided to put the jewel of Poitiers to the test. Here it is the purely objective arguments that will speak since we offer you an exhaustive scale based on the sensations of the attraction, the imagination deployed without forgetting, of course, the technological level of what is proposed. Note that we only deal with so-called “sensational” attractions and not 4K cinemas and other more “contemplative” activities.

#9. Sebastien Loeb Racing Xperience

It is one of the newest attractions of Futuroscope, released in 2018. A few years ago, it was also the largest “5D” room in terms of capacity. The experience with Sébastien Loeb, the most famous French rally driver, combines classic virtual reality (VR) on an HTC headset with a dynamic seat… But it doesn’t work, really doesn’t. Already VR is not for everyone because beware of those who suffer from motion sickness – dedication to my colleague who did not open the eyes of the session.

The scenario is… a parody of itself: you are Loeb’s co-driver in his vehicle because the champion has been mandated to bring an antidote as quickly as possible… yeah. Finally the seats do not move so much and nothing seems to work as we would like. VR technology is evolving far too quickly to be integrated as a real curiosity in the park, clearly the sensations will be more impressive on your PS4 or on Steam.

  • Feeling: 4/10
  • Scenario/Imaginary : 4/10
  • Technology : 5/10

Special mention: to the hostess of the attraction, fully in her role with a acting acting blameless.

#8. Dynamics

Dynamics is a bit like the “nag” uncle of Futuroscope. We like to spend a little time with it but we have to admit that after a while it breaks it, and I’m talking about the vertebrae.

Roughly speaking, the attraction is based on the famous “dynamic seats” which made the success of the park. Uncomfortably seated, we have a (too) small screen in front of us which takes us on a race very inspired by podracers of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Even the voice of fire Patrick Poivey (the iconic VF of Bruce Willis) does not really manage to immerse us in this frantic futuristic rally where we do not understand much of the issues.

Certainly, the sensations are there, but sometimes they are even a little too there, enough to hurt a little everywhere when leaving. Nothing more.

  • Sensation : 8/10
  • Scenario/Imaginary : 4/10
  • Technology : 5/10

Special mention: to my osteo Nico whom I called directly afterwards.

#7. Arthur and the Invisibles

In other words, the cult attraction of the park that everyone around us liked to (re)tell us with passion before our visit. But isn’t the magic of the attraction only associated with childhood memories? In any case, this is the impression we had when boarding on the back of the Ladybug.

Admittedly, finding Arthur, Princess Selenia (outrageously sexualized) and her little brother Betameche plunges us back into the very cool universe of the Minimoys. But the attraction remained in its own juice. Our severe judgment concerns only the aging 3D which deserves to be dusted off. Don’t worry, we still liked being shaken to avoid toads or rats, diving into narrow tunnels and passing between the wings of a propeller.

  • Sensation : 6/10
  • Scenario/Imaginary : 8/10
  • Technology : 4/10

Special mention to the rasta characters in the film who traumatized us with their fingertips with holes.

#6. The Time Machine

Commonly called in the jargon “Raving Rabbids”, the attraction is not classified in the category of sensations but we must salute the rather successful 3D images and decorations that accompany it.

Especially at the entrance, when you get on board the train and find yourself face to face with those very dirty yellow soaps hanging from a cord in our school washbasins. A gagging that immediately takes us back to childhood.

And that is the whole point of attraction. Here, we don’t come looking for thrills or big shocks, we just commit to falling back into childhood and mixing our laughter with the high-pitched laughter of children. On board this time machine, we travel through the great moments of history with humor through the jokes of the legendary butts of the Rabbids.

  • Feeling: 5/10
  • Scenario/Imaginary: 7/10
  • Technology : 7/10

Special mention: to the discreet camera at the exit of the attraction which tries to guess our age and our mood on a small screen thanks to a rather successful artificial intelligence.

#5. Dynamic Vienna

La Vienne Dynamique is a bit like my Poitou madeleine. It is one of the oldest attractions in the park and as its introductory room with its projection on a water curtain tells us: it is an ode to the department of Vienne. I had a small, very striking memory of it, of following a groom late for his wedding who crosses the entire surrounding countryside on a crazy adventure.

I was the first surprised to see that dynamic Vienna hasn’t aged that much. The dynamic seats still move very well and are perfectly matched in feel to the video in front. So yes, it’s a film that is surely more than 20 years old, the presence of Claude Piéplu as a guest and the R5s don’t deceive us and yet… Everything works. The walks on the Vienne filmed with a helicopter are worth any shot with a drone, while the chase in the city always has its little effect. 4/3, large pixels and yet still so much fun and wonder in the room.

  • Feeling: 7/10
  • Scenario/Imaginary : 7/10
  • Technology : 6/10

Special mention: to the joke of the sneeze that releases droplets… 4 TIMES.

#4. Goal Mars

It is the most recent of the Futuroscope attractions and above all the first roller coaster of the park. Always looking to surprise, Objectif Mars is a roller coaster with sensations, real sensations. With the rotation of the wagons, it is better to have your sandwich well hung in your stomach. After a rather successful short introduction, we are balanced on a high-speed rail. So it’s not the ride of the century, but clearly the effort is appreciable and the surprise at the end has its little effect. On the other hand, it is much too short and the tail is, on the contrary, rather long.

  • Sensation : 8/10
  • Scenario/Imaginary : 5/10
  • Technology : 8/10

Special mention: to the lady behind us who was convinced that “Frankly, it’s going faster than yesterday”.

#3. Ice Age

What a pleasure to find the squirrel Scrat and his faithful hazelnut at the heart of a 4D experience rightly called “Once upon a nut”. Equipped with a pair of goggles, you have to stand up to make the most of the sensations and “flee in the event of an avalanche” as the attraction’s host likes to remind you. Thanks to a very funny scenario where Scrat teleports to different countries of the world through the ages, we laugh out loud and in chorus with an audience of 7 to 77 years old. We also loved receiving air when Manny the mammoth blows at us with his trunk or wipes a few drops of water from his face when it snows.

  • Feel: 7/10
  • Scenario/Fantasy: 9/10
  • Technology: 7/10

Special mention to the ball throwing: we would have liked there to be more…

#2. The Extraordinary Journey

The extraordinary journey is THE new attraction of the park, adored by its visitors who sold it to us with stars in their eyes. And we quickly understood why. From the start, we rush into a fairly well-crafted scenario (although a bit long) to immerse ourselves in the Jules Vernesque universe of Skyworld Airlines. Finally on board, feet in the air, slightly leaning forward, here we are flying over the four corners of the world.

The landscapes of the different continents are all more breathtaking than the next and transport us to a dreamlike world where everything is possible, even bouncing off the tops of hot air balloons that we imagine touching with our feet. Carried away by the epic music of an orchestra and by a few jets of freshness, we literally soar above dizzying and majestic scenery. The sensation of flying is made possible by a tilting mechanism on a 130 ton platform.

After five minutes, it’s time to land and it’s already over. We regret it a lot and we were not the only ones, “it sucks, it’s already over, it was giga mega way too good”, yells a child.

  • Feeling: 7/10
  • Scenario/Imaginary: 8/10
  • Technology : 9/10

Special mention: to the presentation hostess who had a sweet Fipette voice.

#1. Dance with robots

Let’s not be afraid to say it: Dancing with Robots is always trendy. It is the flagship attraction of Futuroscope, it is even the one that will be mentioned to you first when you talk about the park with someone who has done it “once ten years ago“. And for good reason: the Dance with the Robots is really an original attraction even 15 years after its first version. As a reminder, you are two in a giant “hand” that will send you dancing in all directions.

The sensations remain incredible. In fact, come to think of it, I don’t know of any ride that puts the visitor in such positions. It’s a short attraction and luckily because one more minute could send the tea party going the wrong way. For the little anecdote, the machines are the basis of the robotic manipulator arms that are used on car assembly lines – yeah that’s classy.

In terms of atmosphere, it is no longer Kamel Ouali who choreographs. On the other hand, we find Martin Solveig on the turntables and frankly we do not sulk his pleasure. Like a melancholic return to my adolescence, I remember my evenings at the Light Club in Villeperdue (37). After being shaken in all directions for three minutes, it’s finally a little nostalgic tear that begins to run down my cheeks.

  • Feeling: 9/10
  • Scenario/Imaginary: 6/10
  • Technology : 9/10

Special mention to the microphone announcers who send scuds (deserved) to the darons who do not wear their mask above the nose. “We do not breathe with the chin ladies and gentlemen.”

Bonus: Futuropolis

Know that we hesitated to put Futuropolis in the ranking (even in the top 3) so we were amazed by the genius of this mini-city. If we can believe that these 21 attractions are only for small children, think again, we spent hours observing, envying, and even testing every corner of this park. Special mention to the toboggan run which GOES MUCH TOO FAST for kids.

We have never wanted so much to rejuvenate to do “pilot seeds”, the attraction that prepares for the license before the hour, or even “the apprentice firefighters” where you have to put out the fire as quickly as possible in a marvelously well reconstructed setting. . In short, we no longer know where to turn so much we want to do everything and see everything. Allow at least an entire afternoon to make the most of all that Futuropolis has to offer.

Article written by Anna Finot and Pierre Bazin.

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We have classified (objectively) the attractions of Futuroscope

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