This method promises you to put an end to negative thoughts

A trend coming straight from social networks, the “manifesting” is the popular method to end all the negativity that there is in our lives. With everything that’s been going on lately in the world, it’s the perfect time to come face to face with yourself and especially your negative thoughts. Could this be the miracle we’ve all been waiting for? Decryption.

In the “manifestation”, it is necessary to understand “manifest”. Yes, but manifest what? The spirits, our granny who is in heaven, equal pay for men… the list can go on and on. More seriously, what hides behind this Anglicism is the fact of thinking that one’s ambitions and other plans one thinks unimaginable can be realized by force of mind.

We believe in it so strongly that dreams come true and we say goodbye to negative thoughts (including impostor syndrome) that prevent us from moving forward quietly in our lives. We would therefore be dealing with magical thoughts that would materialize in physical form. Great no?

A method that is not new

Yes, the Tiktokeur.euse.s and Instagrammeur..euse.s have not invented anything. As the magazine explains Stylist, the “manifesting” crosses the centuries from Buddhism to Judaism. This idealistic way of thinking has simply reappeared recently in the “personal development” section of bookstores.

“That way of thinking that allows you to access your own innate ability to not only transform your own life, but to have a very powerful impact on the lives of others” – Lara Waldman, coaching expert, interviewed by Stylist

A derivative of the law of attraction

Manifesting is therefore practiced in everyday life. All you have to do is take charge of your existence by rejecting negative thoughts and imagine what our dreams can give in the near, very near future.

The idea is fascinating and brings us back to the very principle of the placebo effect. It is not so much the effects of our environment that will come into play, but rather our deep belief. We forces oneself to be optimistic and to bring into play what is called the “law of attraction”. A universal philosophy that more we focus on the positive (or the negative) the more we will experience positive (or negative) manifestations in our life. Finally, the “manifesting” did not invent hot water either…

We think po-si-tif

If you want inspiration to “manifest”, especially on Instagram. We find all there kinds of daily motivations : “a new energy invades your life”, “changes will happen very soon”, “things will work out”. The Universe has big plans for us, and that’s pretty cool. Even Jennifer Garner started to “think positive” so why not us?

In an interview for Vice, Esther Hicks, author and speaker, makes a final point :

“It’s mostly about looking at how people come to change their behavior in a way that benefits them. It’s not just about figuring out what you want, it’s about doing something about it. topic”

Even if we admit that we don’t take this new trend too seriously, as our dear mother would say: you can’t say you don’t like it until you’ve tasted it. So at the start of 2021, if you have great projects in mind, it’s time to manifest them and call on your deeper energies. Don’t forget to light candles and recite “Wingardium Leviosa”…

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This method promises you to put an end to negative thoughts

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