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Are you always going after your goals? If, like most of us, the answer is no, ask yourself if you have the right mindset to succeed? Here are 8 good habits of people who go after what they undertake. Simple and concrete advice to apply daily and keep on hand to maintain your motivation.

When something doesn’t go as planned, we often tend to make excuses. We said to ourselves “ it is the crisis ” Where ” it’s too early ” Where ” it’s X’s fault ” or ” No chance” , etc. All of that, in the end, is an apology.

No lame excuses

If, really, we want to succeed, we will find a way to get there. And the brain is always choosing between two possibilities : “ Am I trying something to succeed? ” ” ” Where ” Do I look for an excuse in advance in case someone asks me why I missed?“.

When things don’t turn out as we would like, when things resist us, these are messages that are sent to us: our failures are in fact messages that encourage us to do otherwise.

All is not perfect, so what?

do not wait achieve perfection, don’t expect it either, it doesn’t exist! People who achieved the goals you yourself want to achieve didn’t wait for everything to be perfect. Be less of a perfectionist, start as you are and with what you have, otherwise you’ll never get started and in a year you’ll still be at square one.

I have never known failure, either I win or I learn.

Nelson Mandela

The miracle of the personal diary

It has been shown that a goal that is not written in black and white will remain a mere wish. Do not leave your dreams in a corner of your head; take a sheet right now and write down your goals. You will find that they immediately become more concrete.

Successful people keep a diary to record their daily goals but also to make monthly balance sheets for take a step back and assess their progress.

Everything comes to a point…

Even if things take a little longer than expected, it must be so. When you want to give up, when you think about abandoning your project, take a break. Rest and listen to yourselfwait for the right moment to find the forces that will make you start again.

Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.

Winston Churchill

It’s part of the journey: “Paris wasn’t built in a day” Lay one stone at a time, just one a day. Even if it takes time, a stone + a stone + a stone… It ends up making a wall!

The right mindset for success – David Laroche EN

Arm yourself with confidence

The first advice to give is to believe in yourself and your project. have trust in you, believe in your project, stick to your goals, live your dreams. If you don’t believe it yourself, how do you expect others to believe it?

In case of doubt or questioning, one thing I repeat to myself when I doubt I can do it: “ Help yourself and heaven will help you. » If you put waves positive, you can only succeed! Positive attracts positive, that’s the simple law of attraction.

The biggest failure

There is no failure, even if at times you may have the feeling of failing, it is not the case. Nelson Mandela said: I have never known failure, either I win or I learn. All that we think are mistakes are really just small turns, they make us learn and strengthen us.

The biggest failure is not having the courage to dare.

Abbot stone

Demonstrate patience. Take the example of Walt Disney or JK Rowling who were very successful. They worked, without conclusive result, many years before getting there. What you need is inspiration and determination, two essential components to have the right mindset to succeed.

Do not be discouraged, the success stories around us prove that it is possible. The difference between a truly unsuccessful person and a successful person is perseverance, a strength of character particularly decisive. Especially the perseverance in adversity, that is, when things are not going well. The very inspiring Winston Churchill aptly said: Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.

The right mindset for success is knowing why

Whether it’s losing weight to feel better about your body, succeeding in a professional project to get a promotion or even buying a house to make a dream of independence come true, each person has their own why. When it is strong enough, we have all the energy in the world to continue and reach the end.

A morning routine

We tend to run away from “routines” but our days are nothing but a succession of psmall daily habits. It is up to us to choose those that will lead us to success. If you don’t change anything, nothing will change.

You don’t have to follow a morning routine if you don’t want it, nothing is obligatory, but it is true that starting your day having made a first step towards your goals brings pride, well-being and a sense of accomplishment.

A good mindset for success, it might be worth a try, right?

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The right mindset to succeed in everything you do |

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