The law of attraction, the method that supposedly brings happiness

The law of attraction is linked to New Thought, an ancient current of religious thought that has now become a more contemporary current. This brings together a set of mystical beliefs around metaphysics, positive thinking, life force healing, visualization to personal power. It is one of the universal laws of current that is most popular. Indeed, 12 laws in total are part of a set called the laws of the universe, with among others, the law of vibration, action or compensation.

According to its followers, this technique would attract positive experiences or opportunities thanks to the equally positive energy that we send back to the world. Through our thoughts, which would be pure energy, we could therefore attract similar energy to subsequently improve our health, our wealth or our social relationships.

So yes, keep an open mind, because at first glance it may seem disconcerting for some. At first glance very mystical, this technique nevertheless seems to go without saying for some people. When we are positive, we create something positive around us and that attracts people. Negative people are less likely to want to be approached and our confidence will naturally go to more cheerful people. Obviously, this leaves skeptics since these laws are not based on any scientific basis.

How to set it up

The idea is to create a positive state of mind and believe in yourself and your dreams. Many methods are available in books or on the internet to achieve your goals, we will stick to the best known. It is a question of seeking to be motivated and more efficient, by giving the best of ourselves.

Demonstrate your goals and desires

A method called the “369 method” seems ideal for starting to manifest your desires. Just write down in the morning 3 times a desire that you want to see come true. Then you have to think about it for a few seconds, and get back to writing it six times in the afternoon and nine times in the evening. After writing these positive thoughts, we allow ourselves time for reflection, about twenty seconds.

These thoughts are to be written in the present, as if we were at the moment T when we accomplished this objective. “I succeeded in my end-of-year work with flying colors and I am proud of it” Where “I found the house of my dreams”, are good examples of catchphrases. Negation should not be used at the risk of canceling out the promising effects of the approach. The method is to be carried out between 33 to 45 days and you may see positive consequences afterwards? All of this is intended to allow us to believe in ourselves and in our ability to achieve our dreams, by creating a connection between the universe and our person.

Write your gratitude

Take a little time for yourself every day by writing the most beautiful things at home and in your daily life A notebook, a pen and let’s go! Talk about loving people around you, opportunities that come to you, good times, acquired objects, new experiences,… Before starting your day, writing down 3 things that fill you with gratitude will allow you to start well the day and to be more grateful to yourself and your life path.

Another possible version, write the best moments of your day at night, to learn to value these little moments that we love and forget so quickly. You will immediately feel more confident and optimistic in your life.

True or false?

As said before, everyone must have their own opinion on this method, since it is not scientifically proven but is based only on testimonials. Whether true or false, the method seems to have already worked on quite a few people and they claim to be more motivated than ever and to have achieved their goals. In any case, remember at least one thing: the positive often attracts the positive, so think positive and perhaps you will perform miracles!

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The law of attraction, the method that supposedly brings happiness

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