The law of attraction: how to get what you want in life?

What is the law of attraction?

Slavica Bogdanov: The law of attraction works like a magnet. It is based on a simple principle, we attract what we pay attention to by emitting a certain emotion. It is the idea that one attracts the energy that one releases oneself. If your emotions are negative, then you attract negative things to yourself. Conversely, if your thoughts are positive, then you attract positive things to yourself.

Can you get anything you want through the law of attraction?

Slavica Bogdanov: There are no limits to the law of attraction. It works whether you know how to use it or not. I often compare it with the law of gravity. Whether or not we are aware of this rule of physics, we will inevitably fall if we jump out of a window. It’s the same with the law of attraction. Whether we know it or not, it works all the time, with everyone. And we can really attract everything in life, success, professional success, love, health, money… You can become the magician of your life! Beyond what the universe can provide, the law of attraction is a gift that we give to ourselves. It allows you to beautify your inner world. Instead of having obscure ideas, feeling depressed, having resentments, it helps to develop a beautiful inner garden and cultivate happiness.

Concretely, what is the law of attraction based on?

Slavica Bogdanov: According to Einstein’s principle, no energy is lost, all energy is transformed. Everything around us is made of energy and so are we! This energy has a certain vibration. For example, if you are in a bad mood, you will resonate on a much lower vibration than when you are in a good mood, when life is smiling at you. The frequency that we give off resonates with that of the things around us. We capture, we attract and we notice the vibrations that surround us and that vibrate at the same level as us. When you stand up with your left foot, you tend to notice all those little details that will accentuate your bad mood. Conversely, when you are in a good mood, you notice all the good things in life. Your gaze changes.

How to apply the law of attraction in your life?

Slavica Bogdanov: The law of attraction is based on three principles: ask, believe and receive. Asking for what you want, believing that you will receive what you want and knowing how to receive what you want. Knowing how to ask is an art. Many people don’t know what they really want. Some refer to what their parents or friends wish for them. Knowing exactly what you want is central to the law of attraction. The more this goal is clearly identified, the more chance there is of receiving from the universe what one wishes. And just because you don’t get what you want right away doesn’t mean you have to backtrack. This does not mean that you should doubt what you really want. The second step is to believe 100% that you will receive what you asked for. If not, you won’t have the motivation to do what is necessary to get your request. Indeed, the law of attraction is not waiting with folded arms for someone to bring us what we want on a plate! Most of the time, it is manifested by an opportunity, an idea that springs up, a wise advice from a friend, an inspiring conversation, fortuitous circumstances, help received from someone… At first you may think that These are fun little coincidences but it is the law of attraction that manifests itself. And if you don’t believe it, you won’t even notice these signals! The last step is reception. It is about being able to receive. We have to take a step back and let the universe do its part to give us what we want. And that goes through meditation, presence, patience. It’s a whole set of qualities to develop.

On a daily basis, are there exercises that make it easier to get what you want?

Slavica Bogdanov: I have been studying the law of attraction for more than fifteen years, yet I continue to practice certain exercises daily. To start, you have to try as much as possible to stay in a positive attitude. Gratitude is the best tool. I recommend putting post-its or an alarm on your phone that rings every hour to remind you of all the things you are grateful for. It is a very powerful emotion for lifting oneself into a positive mood and raising one’s vibrations. To go further, you can try to control all your negative thoughts. Create a few positive affirmations and repeat them every day as needed until it becomes a true belief. Meditation, presence and self-love are also great levers for cultivating positivity. Then, you can repeat your goals every day, to have them in mind in a precise way. Visualization can help with this. Try to project yourself into the future as if you have already obtained the things you really want.

It is therefore a real discipline to be imposed on a daily basis. Is it a practice in which we can become better as we go along?

Slavica Bogdanov: Obviously ! At the beginning, it is necessarily complicated to erase negative thoughts for positive thoughts. Changing your emotions, not being resentful, sour, forgiving, are big steps. To start by being a little more positive is already a huge step forward for some. The law of attraction is learned as you go. The more you practice it, the easier it is to get what you want.

What can stand in the way of obtaining what we most deeply desire?

Slavica Bogdanov: First of all, avoid negations in your requests. Don’t repeat “I don’t want to be single anymore”, but “I’m going to meet someone who suits me”. You have to be careful what you ask for. And to make your desires come true, think about your beliefs, your preconceived ideas. Those who consider money to be dirty or vile will find it more difficult to attract greater resources. If you consider yourself to be good for nothing, it will be more difficult to attract you to the job of your dreams. Beliefs have a direct impact on your thoughts and your ways of acting and therefore getting what you want.

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The law of attraction: how to get what you want in life?

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