The Cyclorama could reopen in 2023

The owners of the Jerusalem Cyclorama and its famous panorama, in Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, do not rule out a reopening in the spring of 2023, while the repair of the roof will finally be launched this fall.

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The Ministry of Culture (MCC) published on August 12 a call for tenders to repair the roof of the century-old attraction, as an order of the Superior Court in March authorized it to do. According to the current schedule, the work will start on September 26 and end on December 9, before the start of winter.

The purpose of the maneuver is to reinforce parts of the framework on the roof and to ensure the tightness of the latter. The objective is “to ensure the sustainability of the property” by carrying out work “considered urgent”, explains the ministry.

Photo courtesy, Ministry of Culture

Well received

The president and general manager of the Cyclorama, Pierre Blouin, speaks of a step in the right direction, which even opens the door to a reopening of the place closed for almost four years.

“As soon as the work is done and [qu’on] brings it up to standard, if we are ready next spring to open the rotunda, it will open, ”he says.

“A sudden that the big things are going to be done, we [ne] don’t see why we [ne] wouldn’t open it. »

Photo courtesy, Ministry of Culture

The Blouin family has been seeking since 2016 to divest itself of the site, saying that they do not have the strong enough back to take on its restoration, while insisting on the importance of preserving this heritage-listed gem.

The intervention of the MCC may have resolved this impasse. Although he is responsible for the work, he will be reimbursed if the owners manage to sell, under a legal mortgage.

The ministry did not want to advance a cost for the work and specifies that no complete reopening plan has been brought to its attention. According to the Blouin family, the last needs assessment was $250,000.

Photo courtesy, Ministry of Culture

Cultural development consultant at the Cyclorama, Annie Lévesque also notes that the preservation of a place of this nature represents a major challenge. “We need help for this […]. The Ministry of Culture applies the law, but it takes more than that, ”she raises.

Visit to Luxembourg

Owners are increasingly considering turning to the international market. However, no move of the work is envisaged.

Members of the organization will also make a presentation in Luxembourg in September. “The idea is to meet specialists and directors of other cycloramas who have experienced the same situation,” explains Ms. Lévesque.

On the other hand, a fundraiser to “save” the Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré Cyclorama has been set up on the GiveSendGo online platform. Barely $430 was raised, out of a goal of $20,000.

Recall that the attraction reopened its souvenir shop a few months ago.

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The Cyclorama could reopen in 2023

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