The 10 most beautiful Spanish islands

With its islands, Spain is a favorite destination for lovers of relaxation and beautiful landscapes. Discover the 10 most beautiful Spanish islands.

The 10 most beautiful Spanish islands for a dream vacation

Dream bay, Menorca island, Balearic Islands. Credit: Poike

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Spain rhymes with sun and relaxation, and its islands are its greatest assets. Who has never dreamed of dream beaches or some picturesque landscapes of the Spanish islands – real paradises for nature lovers and real gems for the country? Who can resist the charm of the fishing villages of Majorca, or the attraction of the national parks of Tenerife and Lanzarote? Who has never heard of Ibiza and its festive nocturnal atmosphere, or of Fuerteventura’s exceptional spots for surfers? Choose your future destination in the Canary Islands, in the Atlantic Ocean, or in the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea, more precisely to the south-east of the Catalan coast. These strings of islands have the status of autonomy. That of the Balearic Islands is declared by Organic Law 1/2007. These archipelagos have been able to preserve their culture and their linguistic richness, and Catalan, another official Spanish language, is practiced there. Discover the 10 most beautiful Spanish islands which are undoubtedly among the most beautiful in the world!

1 – The island of Majorca, Balearic Islands

Palma de Mallorca Cathedral. Credit: frederic prochasson

Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands. The official language is Catalan, in addition to Spanish. It’s a popular destination, whether for the beauty of its natural sites, the cultural richness of its cities or even for its heavenly beaches. There is always an activity to do in Majorca, a site to visit, beautiful natural landscapes to discover during your trip to Majorca. In the capital, Palma de Mallorca, you will be amazed by the narrow streets steeped in history that run through the city, which is also dotted with many old buildings. Among the religious sites not to be missed are the Palma de Mallorca Cathedral and the Trinidad Chapel. You can also discover picturesque villages, like Cala Figuera which is a fishing village.

In Majorca, nature is also opulent and you are spoiled for choice. Visit the caves of La Cuevas, discover the cliffs or the mountains with their luxuriant nature. Its dream beaches, virgin or frequented, will also make you envious, without forgetting its bays bathed in turquoise waters. The natural parks are not to be outdone, like the Mondragor park where you will discover various species of lizards, among others. If you are a fan of hiking, the Monastery of LIuc is a passage and an essential site of interest.

2 – Ibiza, Balearic Islands

Beautiful view from Cala d’Hort beach in Ibiza. Credit: amoklv

Ibiza, other jewel of the Balearic Islands, is synonymous with partying and endless nights, but not only. In the eponymous capital, called Eivissa in Catalan, nightclubs are not the only attractions. Ideas for walks and other activities await you. Walk along the Marina Promenade to stretch your legs, or learn more about the island by visiting the Archaeological Museum. Escape under the sign of nature by exploring the creeks or the natural park of Salines where you can observe migratory birds. Do not forget to immortalize the paradisiac beach which is there and the sea with the crystalline bottom. And if you like nature activities, don’t miss diving to discover the wealth of local underwater fauna. Cala d’Hort beach is another site not to be missed to discover Ibiza and its natural beauty. This beach stands out for its panorama that allows you to observe a beautiful sunset, but also to have a view of the island of Es Vedra. In Ibiza you will find hotels near the beach to combine party and relaxation.

3 – The island of Menorca, Balearic Islands

A bar on top of a cliff in Menorca. Credit: Carlos Cairo

A few minutes’ journey from its big sister, Menorca is the second largest island in the Spanish Balearic archipelago, Spanish autonomous community in the same way as the Canary Islands. Considered one of the pearls of the Mediterranean Sea, it offers beautiful pristine landscapes of any activity or dwelling. Here, mass tourism is absent and greenery reigns. It has been classified as a Biosphere Reserve, as it is the best preserved in the archipelago.

Discover Ciutadella, where stands a bronze horse, the city’s emblem. Take a trip to the fish market, or visit other sites of interest such as the Municipal Museum or the Cathedral of Menorca. The city has several hotels and also has several lighthouses. The one located at Cape Cavalleria is considered the most beautiful. Menorca is full of lagoons as well as beautiful beaches bathed in white sand and pebbles, such as Cala Morell, Calla Macarella or Playa Son Saura to name but a few examples.

4 – The island of La Palma, Canary Islands

Mirador de la Caldera de Taburiente, island of La Palma. Credit: Javier Jiménez Lopez

La Palma is one of the islands belonging to the Canary archipelago. With his volcanic relief and its few black sand beaches, it has been spared the influx of tourists experienced by its bigger sisters. Called La Isla Bonita or “the beautiful island”, it offers a great diversity of sites, delighting nature lovers and hikers. From volcanic peaks to pristine forests, banana groves and deep coves, La Palma has a beautiful diversity of natural sites. the Cumbre Vieja volcano recently experienced an eruption. You can also contemplate the Caldera de Taburiente from a natural balcony overlooking it. The main city of La Palma is Santa Cruz, but the island also has several municipalities known for their former port activities. They are home to colonial houses that proudly display their style.

5 – Formentera, Balearic Islands

Walkway to get to the beach of Els Arenals, Formentera. Credit: LUNAMARINA

Of the Balearic Islands, Formentera is the most unspoilt. With its fine sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, ocher cliffsandits empty coves of any human presence, it offers landscapes of great beauty that make it so charming. Formentera is best known for its beaches, like Ses Illetes, Cala Savina, Els Arenals, Playa Tanga. Beyond its natural beauty, Formentera has other attractions, such as its characteristic villages.

6 – The island of Tenerife, Canary Islands

Town of Candelaria, Tenerife. Credit: Balate Dorin

East Tenerife the largest of the Canary Islands. Although located off the Atlantic coast, it is renowned for its sunny climate which lasts almost all year round, as well as for the diversity and beauty of its landscapes. For hiking enthusiasts, this island of volcanic origin offers various sites and routes to discover. Beyond its reputation as a great holiday destination, Tenerife has a special charm with its villages, natural pools, beaches and steep cliffs. The island is also home to the tallest mountain from Spain: the volcano of Teide. This is part of the national park that bears his name. In the surroundings, you can appreciate a multitude of volcanic landscapes as original as they are impressive, like Lano Ucanca, Pico Viejo and Alto de Gujara. Local hotel offerings meet the needs of visitors.

7 – Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Colorful landscape in Lanzarote with the green lake and the black sand beach. Credit: Sybille Reuter

Lanzarote is another jewel of the Canary Islands. With the great beauty of its wild landscapes, it has also been classified as a Biosphere Reserve. Like its sisters, this island is of volcanic origin and has typical sites, such as the Timanfaya National Park. The latter displays a multitude of panoramas that are found nowhere else, such as its black lava fields contrasting with its red dunes, a mixture that gives it an air of Martian landscape. Another natural attraction of volcanic origin, Vameo Del Aga is an underground tunnel that was formed during the eruption of Monte Corona. The beaches are also part of the charm of Lanzarote, such as those of Papagayo, Las Conchas, or Caleta Del Mero.

8 – Fuerteventura Island, Canary Islands

Playa de Morro beach, Fuerteventura. Credit: Elena Krivorotova

Despite its arid landscapes, Fuerteventura, second largest Canary Island none the less one of the most beautiful he is Spanish. It is mainly known as the favorite destination for fans of surfing, sailing and other water activities. It has long sandy beaches like Playas de Jandia, or Plata de Cofete where you can enjoy the underwater life. Its relief of volcanic origin offers a variety of small paths that can be traveled by mountain bike for authentic nature getaways. If you want to experience local life, head to the villages of Lajares and Betancuria.

9 – La Gomera, Canary Islands

Pedestrian path in the primary forest of the Garajonay National Park. Credit: pawopa3336

La Gomera is one of the wildest of the Canary Islands. Its name evokes the primitive language used by the inhabitants to communicate at a distance, and which is based on the use of whistles. As you can imagine, calm reigns on the island of La Gomera, where nature shows off its lush beauty, as evidenced by the primitive forest of the Garajonay National Park. La Gomera has other remarkable sites, such as the basalt cliffs of Los Organos. You can get to know the locals by visiting the village of Agulo perched on a mountain.

10 – Gran Canaria, third largest of the Canary Islands

Authentic landscape of Gran Canaria, Canary Islands. Credit: tupungato

Called the island of contrasts, Gran Canaria is often qualified as a mini-continentt, as it offers a diversity of faces. You will find there both a snow-capped mountain and sand dunes worthy of the Sahara, but also very beautiful beaches and landscapes worthy of the Caribbean with its banana plantations. Among the remarkable sites not to be missed, visit the Canarii, located to the east of the island to admire archaeological ruins left by the former inhabitants. The island offers other natural attractions to the delight of lovers of natural beauty.

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The 10 most beautiful Spanish islands

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