Territories of Morocco, the new frontiers of investment: Drâa-Tafilalet opens the ball

Land Drâa Regional Investment CenterTafilalet has inaugurated a series events organized by the Think Tank Al Softnottada under the theme Territories of Morocco, the new frontiers of investment ».

These events are part of the vision of His Majesty The King May God Assist Him, and aim to promote investment at the territorial level through the presentation of assets, potentialities and opportunities of the territories.

This first exchange falls within the framework ofheexecution of the 2022 action plan of the CRI DrâaTafilalet, highlighting its mission Pulse Economic and Offer Territorial. Also, theand regional prism, development territories and a growth endogenous rooted in the territories are at the center of the reflectionAl Mountada since his launch in 2018.

Cradle of the Alaouite dynasty, made up of historical areas and cities ancestral, the Draa regionTafilalet was selected for this 1time meeting at which assisted Iare representatives of several embassies, economic missions and rooms of foreign businessesangers.

For the occasion, Mr. El Baz, Managing Director of CRI DrâaTafilalet started with introduce the Rregion through its key figures and its development prospects such as thatand retained in its Regional Development Plan approved in March 2022, and vision 2045 which aims to make DraaTafilalet a territory “ National and Continental leader Green Economy, Knowledge Economy and Sustainable Development ».

Mr. El baz put then focus on areas of excellence enjoyed by DraaTafilalet and thebear development potential and investment opportunities, namely the sectors and thehasfarming, mining, renewable energies, offshoring, tourism, crafts, of the culture and the movie industry.

Before closing his presentation and opening the debate with the participants, Mr. El Baz remember the missions of the CRIredefined following the 2019 reform and the promulgation of the new law 47.18.

Indeed, this law establishes the CRI as a one-stop shop for investment within the limits of its territorial jurisdiction, responsible for strongly contributing to the implementation of State policy in terms of development, incentive, promotion and attracting investment at the regional level and overall support for businesses – especially small and medium-sized businesses and very small businesses.

The end of this meeting was the opportunity for the embassy representatives and chambers of commerce to exchange withAround the investment opportunities offered by the Draa regionTafilalet and to inquire more about the role of the CRI, in particular with regard to concerning (i) support for investorsers of their respective countries in the realization of their projects ; (ii) the facilitation of administrative procedures ; as well as (iii) the update their disposal of the various information or data useful for the concretization and profitability ofers investments.

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Territories of Morocco, the new frontiers of investment: Drâa-Tafilalet opens the ball

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