School: fine for parents who withdraw their children too early

Summer has begun and the summer holidays are approaching. But despite the summer temperatures, children have to wait until July 7 to bury their schoolbag in a closet. With the end of the school year getting later and later, many parents want to withdraw their children from school prematurely. Do they have the right?

Who isn’t tempted to go on vacation before everyone else? It is possible if you withdraw your children from school before July 7 this year. Thus, you will be ahead of all other vacationers on the roads, in campsites and amusement parks. This is interesting! Each year, many families grant themselves this premature departure without being worried by the National Education. However, there are sanctions that apply in the case of unjustified absences. However, premature holidays are not, to date, considered as a valid reason for absence. So what about all of this? Can we withdraw our children from school before the end date of classes and what are the risks? This is what we will see in this article.

Families wanting to go on vacation before everyone else

Many families want to go on vacation before everyone else. By sacrificing a few school days, they avoid traffic jams and access sometimes lower rental prices. In addition, they benefit from low attendance in amusement parks, campsites and on beaches. In short, there are only advantages to leaving earlier on vacation. But what are the consequences for these parents who withdraw their children from school before the official end date of classes?

As you know, school is compulsory from the age of 3. And up to the age of 16, so is attendance. That is, all schoolchildren from kindergarten to high school are required to attend scheduled lessons. Unless they have a leave of absence.

A withdrawal of students before the end date of classes represents an unjustified absence. However, the article of the education code specifies that “When a child temporarily misses class, the persons responsible must, without delay, inform the director of the educational establishment of the reasons for this absence”. Among the reasons which can justify an absence, one counts the illnesses, a problem of transport, a solemn reunion of family and the fact of following its legal representatives apart from the periods of school holidays. In any other case, the absence is considered unjustified. “Any other reason for absence may be reviewed and investigated. » specifies the National Education on its website. Indeed, a premature departure on vacation does not represent a valid reason for absence even if it is attested by proof of reservation.

School: unjustified absences can lead to sanctions

For those who still decide to withdraw their children from school before the official date of departure on vacation, the law provides for sanctions. Regarding this, Service Public said: “In the event of repeated absences, justified or not, the school director will contact you to take stock of your child’s situation. »

Concretely, from four half-days of absence of the student, the school director is required to alert the Academic Director of National Education Services. The parents then risk a fine of 135 euros. And if it is estimated that these absences hinder the education of children, the fine can reach 30,000 euros and two years in prison. In fact, we all know that education is not compromised when school children miss the very last days of school. During these last hours of class, the programs are normally completed and the students take advantage of these moments to have fun and carry out different activities. This is why the families affected by these early holidays are only very rarely, if ever, sanctioned. Very often, school heads do not alert DASEN when a child misses the last week of school.

However, teachers ask parents who wish to go on vacation prematurely to notify the school. Thus, they know that this absence is not due to a family or health problem. “If some families have the need to be absent for the last two days for family reasons, it is better to say so and discuss this beforehand. » explained Stéphane Crochet, the general secretary of the UNSA teachers’ union.

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School: fine for parents who withdraw their children too early

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