Royal Speech of July 30. “Continue the construction of an advanced Morocco strong in its dignity” challenge

In His Speech, the Sovereign, in particular, emphasized the strategic importance of the continuity of the reforms initiated to enable women to fully play their role in human development.

The development dynamic is necessarily collective. No citizen should be excluded. At the heart of this dynamic, women have their place. Its role is multidimensional. Moroccan women, especially over the past two decades, have proven concretely, in all areas, and through results, that they are key players in human development.

This is also one of the first acts taken by the Sovereign upon his accession to the Throne 23 years ago, to do justice to Moroccan women, but also, and above all, to create a new legal environment, favorable to the development of women and the stability of the whole family. This concerns both the new Family Code and the 2011 Constitution, the supreme law enshrining equality between men and women in rights and obligations.

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In his speech, the Sovereign emphasized this fundamental legal dimension to clearly differentiate it from “gracious privileges”. The initiated process of change and improvement of the legal and socio-economic status of women must therefore continue. Hence the Sovereign’s call for the operationalization of the constitutional institutions concerned with the rights of the family and of women. This is notably the case of the “Advisory Council for the Family and Childhood”, provided for in Article 169 of the Constitution. It is thus a question, after the “leap forward”, constituted by the new Family Code, of facing certain obstacles inherent in sociological factors.

This Code is not a device dedicated specifically to women. It concerns the family, the first basic institution in any society. The ultimate objective is to ensure moral and material balance in the family and therefore societal stability. “In this regard, we are committed to ensuring that this reform momentum is carried out in perfect accordance with the ultimate designs of Islamic law and the specificities of Moroccan society”. Ultimately, it is a question of contributing to the emergence of an environment conducive to the development of women so that they can fully play their role in all areas of development.

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In addition, the Sovereign, in his Speech, recalled that the health crisis, due to Covid-19, was an exceptional moment of resilience and collective solidarity. “Indeed, at the cost of a considerable effort, the State has borne the exorbitant cost of the fight against the pandemic (…)”. This did not prevent the continuation of the implementation of the major historic project of generalizing social protection and upgrading the health system, while launching several projects aimed at achieving health sovereignty. More than six million non-salaried workers and their families have thus benefited from AMO. With the integration of RAMED beneficiaries, the health coverage project will thus be completed in 2022. And in 2023, the second stage relating to the gradual generalization of family allowances can be started to benefit around seven million children. To this end, the Sovereign called for the diligent operationalization of the unified social register.

This irreversible development has certainly been recently disturbed by the international economic situation and the modest agricultural campaign. Faced with this situation, urgent programs have been adopted and mechanisms put in place to mitigate shocks due to exogenous factors. Despite this unfavorable international situation, the Sovereign insists on “remaining optimistic” and focusing on the strengths. Thus, the attraction of investments is a constant strategic axis in terms of development. The main role of the government is to remove internal and external obstacles, and even to combat them.

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In this context, peace between peoples has always been a determining factor in development. The Sovereign, on the occasion of His Speech, reiterated His wish that the “borders become bridges allowing Morocco and Algeria to access a better future and to offer a fine example of harmony to others Maghreb peoples. The future lies in the regrouping of forces.

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Royal Speech of July 30. “Continue the construction of an advanced Morocco strong in its dignity” challenge

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