Relationships: what is energetic connection?

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The concept of reliance appeared in 1963 thanks to Roger Clausse, who defined it as a “psychosocial need (for information) : reliance versus isolation. It was taken up in the 70s by Marcel Bolle De Bal, who added to the notion of connection “the meaning, the purpose, the insertion in a system“.

Natural bonds between humans

We all have these connections, consciously or not. Thus, we are connected between human beings, between men, between women, in family, in siblings, between friends, between students of the same sector, between inhabitants of the same city, between travel enthusiasts, between practitioners of a same sport or supporters of the same team, etc. Reliance can be active or passive, and is available at different commonly accepted levels: cultural, societal, psychological.

There is another level of reliance that certain hypersensitive people, or practitioners of energy care or complementary therapies, will easily confirm to you: “energetic” reliance.

“We are a”

In the spheres of personal development, phrases such as “we are all one” or “we are all connected” are part of everyday life. Few of those who pronounce them know how to explain them. However, an energetic approach and vision are enough.

As a preamble, we must remember that we are much more than our physical body. We are energy beings, if only because our bodies are made up of cells, atoms, and molecules that we know are constantly in motion. Our body is therefore energetic even before being physical. Our energy vibrates at different levels. The densest vibration is what is called the physical body, which we all see. There are, however, other levels of vibration, which can be seen and felt by all, with a little training and accompanied awareness. These different levels of vibration can be likened to the different levels of the aura, which represent all of our energy bodies.

A subtle play of “strings”

Reliance, at the energetic level, could be compared to “strings”. Thus, the strongest “strings” connect us to our ascendants and descendants. Then come the strings between our life partners, our lovers, our sexual partners, our friends, our colleagues, etc. We weave “energetic links” with all the people with whom we have regular interactions.

Do you doubt it? However, you have all heard testimonies of energy reconnection. This mother, who wakes up in the middle of the night because she knows something happened to her child. These separated lovers, who panic because one of them has suddenly felt the death of his partner. And, less dramatic, fortunately, this “intuition” that you have when the phone rings: with a little practice, you can “guess” who is calling you.

These experiences, or these sensations, have nothing magical or esoteric about them. The examples above depict very strong bonds of love.

Cultivate energetic connection

But links of this nature are not necessarily necessary. Indeed, experiences of reliance can be cultivated and developed. They are even part of the “tools” of many therapists, energy specialists, mediums or seers, practitioners of magnetism or body and complementary therapies. They have learned to feel emotions, to see past experiences, to hear the thoughts of the other, even to feel their physical pain, and this, face to face, or even from a distance. This information, received through the different senses that they have been able to develop (clairaudience, clairvoyance, clear feeling), makes it possible to best help those who come to consult them.

Among these practitioners, some can “undergo” this reliance: they feel, see, hear information without knowing how to manage it, without being able to pick up. A work of anchoring and returning to the material is then recommended.

Live the energy connection

Sometimes the link is so strong that the connection is “automatic”. This is what I experienced with Fred, the protagonist of my last book. An incredible, yet true story of soul-bearing and cross-generational healing. We were so connected, and my energy hypersensitivity so strong with him, that I could, without wanting to, feel the ordeals he was going through from thousands of miles away.

I recorded this path of healing in a novel of soul-our and adventure, a therapeutic novel to be experienced as an energy treatment.

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Relationships: what is energetic connection?

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