Psychological test: what you see in the picture reveals the hidden traits of your personality

Get ready to discover something unexpected about yourself, as this psychological test in the form of an optical illusion is meant to reveal aspects of your personality based on what you see first. While you might think you’re looking at a single image, it’s actually made up of multiple elements. It’s your turn !

A creative psychological test reveals unsuspected details about your personality

Psychologists use image tests to examine the personality of their patients. Character tests with optical illusions are increasingly popular today. Each person can see something completely different in a seemingly identical image. Indeed, psychological tests help us to know ourselves better and are sometimes more objective than a psychologist. Today we bring you an interesting experience, which will make you dive deep into the recesses of your psyche.

Personality test: lips, trees or roots?

optical illusion subconscious psychological test

1. If you see lips

In case you see lips first, you are a calm person. Fleeing from drama, you like to live on the middle path and “go with the flow”, without being distracted by unnecessary complications and actions.

While you are seen as flexible, wise, and honest, some people may perceive you as weak and in need of help, but in reality you are more than capable of solving your own problems. In addition, your family and friends often appeal to your opinion.

character psychological image test

2. If you see trees

Unlike those who see lips, if you think you see trees or tree trunks, you are probably more vocal and outgoing. You care a lot about other people’s opinions and can sometimes be too focused on what they think of you.

Politeness is a principle that is important to you, but you are also extremely mysterious and it is difficult for others to know what you are thinking in social situations. It also means that you are good at hiding your true emotions, and although you have a large group of friends around you, only a few are considered “true and sincere”.

You may seem sweet on the outside, but you are actually very strong on the inside and you strive to get what you want.

optical illusion fun psychological test

3. If you see roots

See a line of plant roots instead? Well, that means you’re quiet and introverted, not liking drawing attention to yourself. You accept constructive criticism and work hard to always improve, which can inspire people around you.

You are independent, focused and responsible, while being extremely disciplined in everything you do.

The people you meet will at first think that you are a very ordinary person, without talent or revolutionary qualities. However, this impression changes when they realize that you are extremely competent and enthusiastic.

optical illusion personality psychological test

Psychological character test: Woman’s face, flowers or butterfly?

optical illusion free psychological test

woman’s face

If the first thing you see is a woman’s face, it reveals that you are a direct person and that you are honest. Lying and deception are gestures that do not correspond to your philosophy of life. When it comes to relationships, your friends always want to be near you. You are a person who radiates happiness wherever you go and you prefer not to complicate things. You always place friendship above everything else. Also, you have a great sense of humor, which makes you very popular in your social circle.

optical illusion psychological character test


Then, if the first thing you saw were the flowers, you’re putting your friends’ well-being ahead of your own, which is fine, but not too much. You are always there for them when they need something, however, sometimes they use you and take advantage of you because of your great kindness. When it comes to romance, you usually get along well with people of the opposite sex, which opens up a lot of doors for you. It is true that it is sometimes difficult for you to be yourself because of your shyness. You just need a little time!

psychological personality test


Finally, the butterfly on this psychological test. Since the butterfly is a unique and more specific detail, it reveals interesting things. In fact, if you saw the bug first, it means you’re a smart, quick-witted person who is full of creative ideas and loves innovation. The best thing about you is that you never leave any task unfinished. You go out of your way to make sure everything goes well and you prefer things to go the way you want them to. When it comes to relationships and love, you enjoy having a good time with your friends and family. As a kind-hearted person, you always try to help your loved ones and protect them from any harm that may befall them.

psychological personality test optical illusion image

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Psychological test: what you see in the picture reveals the hidden traits of your personality

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