Plopsaland (De Panne): nine people stuck in a merry-go-round 35 meters high!

On Saturday, nine people got stuck in the “Ride to Happiness”, a kind of roller coaster at the Plopsaland amusement park in De Panne (Belgium). They remained in this position for six hours, before being lowered to the ground, safe and sound.

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Saturday between 5:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. six hours that seemed endless for nine people come to enjoy the attractions of the Plopsaland park. While they were on board the four gondolas of the “Ride to Happiness”, the carousel suddenly stopped at 35 meters in height.

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Alerted, the firefighters of the Westhoek area immediately went to the scene. Only problem? ” Our ladders being only 30 meters high, it was impossible for us to be able to recover these nine people “Summarizes Kristoph Louagie, spokesman for the Belgian firefighters.

Result, the emergency services, either a good forty people mobilizedplus eight ambulances, had to call on a company in the Bruges region, which transported an 80 ton crane, escorted by the police. ” But by the time it arrived and we installed it, it took quite a while », stresses Kristoph Louagie.

A mysterious failure…

Once all the equipment was installed, the firefighters fixed the nacelles to prevent any movement (backward or forward motion) of the carousel. ” We also fitted the nine people stuck up there with harnesses so we could lower them into cages. They weren’t injured but were very cold. »

Finally, these nine people – five Belgians, one Dutchman and three Germans – were taken down two by two, the first two around 9.50 p.m., the last two around 11.30 p.m. Examined by a psychological unit, they were then transported to hospitals in Veurne and Ostendin order to undergo control examinations.

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What are the causes of this failure? For Kristoph Louagie, this kind of incident is both very rare and inexplicable. ” Usually,
the nacelles should not have stopped there. An expertise will be conducted soon to try to explain the reasons for this incident.

Inaugurated last summer

The most visited amusement park in Belgium, and whose clientele is half French, inaugurated this rollercoaster last summer. “ Visitors are catapulted twice at a speed of 90 km/h and find themselves upside down five timeswe then detailed Plopsaland. Trolleys can spin freely (on themselves), giving visitors a different experience every time. The attraction, sold by the park as ” the most spectacular and extreme in Europe is nearly a kilometer long in total.

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Plopsaland (De Panne): nine people stuck in a merry-go-round 35 meters high!

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