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After the adoption of the Finance Law 2023 by the government council, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Nadia Fettah presented the main lines, Thursday before the two Chambers of Parliament. Among other things, it announced an additional 3.3 billion dirhams (MMDH) for the implementation of the Investment Charter.

This additional amount mobilized within the framework of the FL will thus make it possible to honor the various commitments relating to industrial investment projects, she said.

The government, continued the Minister, will accelerate the implementation of the provisions of the framework law forming the Investment Charter, in particular through the reduction of spatial disparities in terms of attracting investment and activating mechanisms support for strategic projects, support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as support for Moroccan companies seeking to develop internationally.

He added that the Executive will also look into the activation of the Mohammed VI Fund for Investment, the continuation of the public investment effort, particularly with regard to infrastructure projects, the continuation of the implementation of sectoral strategies with a view to improving the competitiveness of the national product and strengthening food, health and energy sovereignty.

Nadia Fettah, in this sense, stressed that public investments should be increased by 55 billion dirhams to reach 300 billion dirhams, noting that the government, aware of the importance of the tax system in achieving economic recovery, attaches particular importance to through the PLF-2023, the continued implementation of the main provisions of the framework law on tax reform, which will improve the business climate in favor of the various players over the next four years.

These include the launch of a comprehensive reform of corporation tax (IS), based on a gradual move towards a unified rate, with an increase in the contribution of large companies, whose net profits exceed 100 million dirhams, as well as credit institutions and similar organizations and insurance and reinsurance companies, in parallel with the reduction in the minimum contribution rate and the rationalization of tax exemptions and privileges.

In order to raise the level of territorial justice and fight against regional disparities in terms of attracting investments, the implementation of the advanced regionalization project will continue, assured the minister, with the allocation of 10 billion dirhams to the regions. , in addition to 6 billion dirhams to continue the implementation of the program to reduce territorial and social disparities.

At the same time, the government will focus on accelerating the implementation of administrative reform with the aim of improving the efficiency of public services, by simplifying procedures, and launching a new digital transformation strategy with an envelope of 1 billion dirhams for its implementation, as part of the PLF-2023, said Nadia Fettah, noting that the executive will also continue its efforts related to the implementation the administrative deconcentration project as well as the official character of the Amazigh, in various aspects of public life, for which 300 million dirhams have been allocated within the framework of this project.

With regard, moreover, to the management of the problem of the lack of water resources, she assured that the question is of great importance in the PLF, in application of the directives contained in the royal speech at the opening of the first session. of the second legislative year of the current mandate.

In this context, she argued, the government has taken care since its installation to act with firmness and responsibility to accelerate the realization of the various structuring projects included in the national drinking water supply program 2020-2027, with their speeding up the implementation of seawater desalination station projects and completing the construction of scheduled dams.

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The government has also allocated a total of 10.6 billion dirhams to manage the problem of water scarcity, an increase of about 5 billion dirhams compared to the previous year, in order to continue the construction of large and medium dams. , liquidate the properties associated with them, contribute to the financing of desalination projects and the implementation of drinking water supply projects in rural centers and douars.

At the end of her speech on this aspect, the Minister affirmed that the government wants, within the framework of the PLF-2023, to give a strong impetus to investment in both the public and private sectors as an essential lever for laying the foundations sustainable growth capable of creating jobs and providing funding resources for the various social and development programs in accordance with royal guidelines.

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PLF 2023: Nadia Fettah announces additional 3.3 billion dirhams for investment projects | Hespress French

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