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This Saturday, October 15, the France Nature Environnement association of Pays-de-la-Loire is organizing “Le jour de la nuit”, to raise awareness of light pollution. Already last weekend, the League for the Protection of Birds of Maine-et-Loire organized an action to denounce the lighting of an area of ​​Angevin activity, even on weekends.

In Angers, a new action to hunt for excessive lighting will be carried out this weekend in the city center. In Maine-et-Loire, associations France Nature Environment Pays-de-la-Loire and the Bird Protection League are particularly active on this subject, another awareness-raising action had already taken place a few days ago, to denounce the abusive night lighting on the Océane business park.

In this zone, recently enlarged, some companies leave the car parks lit, sometimes late in the evening or even all night and even when there is no activity on site.

A danger for the entire ecosystem, according to the director of LPO 49, Alain Bertaudeau.

“You have to understand that the excess of light is an extension of the day which has a disruptive role on the species, the birds sing late. But also the flora, there are trees which lose their leaves later. other species do not go towards the light, it cuts their territory and others, on the contrary, it has an attraction effect.

Alain Bertaudeau, director of LPO 49

Credit: Emilie Plantard

Many animal species impacted

Nocturnal animals and insects, for example, are greatly impacted by the creation of such activity zones. Alain Berthaudeau: “We can look at bats for example. Like all species, there are issues of lodging and cover. On the installation of a ZAC like this, there is first of all the disappearance of hedges, these are hunting territories and when there is massive lighting, the bats will not come to the lit spaces. And therefore potentially lose hunting territories.”

Alain Bertaudeau, director of LPO 49

Credit: Emilie Plantard

The need to turn off outdoor lighting

The installation of these areas on the outskirts of cities and their night lighting has a serious impact on local fauna, birds, bats, moths… According to the decree of December 27, 2018, this type of space must yet be turned off no later than 1 hour after the cessation of activity. The associations therefore ask companies to respect this law.

“It’s at least insists Alain Bertaudeau, we will not restore habitats, however, it can pass over an unlit area to continue moving. All of this is regulated and in cases like the ZAC Océane, what we denounce is the non-respect of the rule.

Little response from companies

The associations alerted the community, the companies. Without effect for the moment, nor even justification on the part of the companies.

“We have no opposing argument on security issues, we are in routines, it is not a subject. We are also in somewhat commercial aspects, there is undoubtedly the issue of to be seen from the highway. But there is no discussion on the regulatory aspects, yet they are off the mark and it deserves to be corrected quickly.”

France Nature Environnement offers citizens the opportunity to become an actor and to denounce any light pollution they may witness. This is the “Day from Night” event.

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Alain Bertaudeau, director of the LPO

Credit: Emilie Plantard

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Near Angers, associations fight against light pollution – HIT WEST

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