Money: The 10 Most Kept Secrets to Getting Rich

The author of the 10 tips below goes against the good old morals of the middle classes, which have always associated wealth as a consideration for the value of an academic and professional career and the ability to make the right choices. What if wealth was something else that is well-kept secrets?

I was recently in one of my yachts, drinking Don Perignon between my pool and my helicopter, when my butler (Richard) called out to me. The poor guy had money problems and he told me that although he liked me and admired me enormously (who couldn’t?), he didn’t want to end his life in this profession. His dream was to swim along all the biggest rivers – the Amazon to begin with, he told me – with only a toothpick and a kangaroo string.

But now, this expedition would cost him a certain sum which he unfortunately did not have. He didn’t have the right technique to attract money while leaving him the time and energy to do what he loves (the little player). Taken by an outpouring of sympathy and indescribable empathy, I threw my crystal glass into the ocean and began my long and hard (misdirected minds…) journey. I then traveled for more than 30 years with my private Jet (a simple Falcon) to meet the greatest businessmen, the best sportsmen, the most incredible entrepreneurs, the most brilliant philosophers and the most spiritual masters. wise. This work represents more than 33,000 interviews that I have transcribed and analyzed for decades!

I also read more than 50,000 books on the field and consulted all the resources concerning this subject, which led me to learn 2 new languages ​​as well as Silbo. I could have written more than 150 books with all the knowledge I acquired and sold my knowledge for several millions. But no, I will synthesize all this in an ABSOLUTELY FREE article, I repeat FREE and just for you, my dear readers. Billionaire friends told me I was crazy, that I should not deliver these secrets to ordinary mortals, but I consider that we are in a new era. An era of sharing where the lucky ones must give the right strategies to achieve wealth.

Without further ado, here are the 10 secrets that really work, for real!

1) Do not sell pickaxes and carts

During the gold rush, there were two groups:

  • Those who hoped to find a vein of gold and become rich
  • Those who sold pickaxes and carts

Most get-rich texts will tell you to belong to the second groups. There will be enough donkeys hoping to strike a chord to ruin your store. Ditto for the lotto, you better be the one who sells the tickets than the one who buys them. But my secret goes much further. The problem with this technique is that you still have to create a sales structure which requires investment and time. To go back to the story of the gold rush, there was a third group : sellers of secret or magic cards. These guys were selling slips of paper with no interest, promising it was a card from some dead old thief who hid some treasure or whatever. The gold diggers were buying a fortune the paper that the seller had taken 5 seconds to make.

2) Write a book using the right keywords

These keywords are:

  • The secret of…
  • …easily
  • … effortlessly
  • …in X days or quickly
  • The X Laws of…

A small example: The secret of the stars, easily and effortlessly become famous in 10 days.

Another could be ” 4 hour week“, book that I advise you to buy and read and reread now!

3) Make a product or training at an exorbitant price

Don’t skimp on the price, the more expensive the better.

And the quality in all this?

We do not care !!!

That’s the most fantastic thing. When people pay dearly, they will never accept having wasted a monumental sum on nonsense. They will then defend tooth and nail their product even if it is absolutely worthless. To better understand this idea, I advise you to read Influence and manipulation of Cialdini (here my summary of the book).

4) The miracle method or the magic pill

Well, it sounds a bit like what I said before, but with a little nuance. People are on a constant quest for the thing that will make them change without messing around. Culture of overconsumption when you hold us…

So, all you have to do is sell them the miracle product that will give them results in two to two. The best thing would be to heed tip #3 and sell it at an exorbitant price. For instance :

  • Lose 40 pounds in 3 days
  • Gain 20 pounds of muscle in 7 days
  • Make a fortune in 8 hours flat
  • Become a mentalist in 5 days
  • Seduce the woman of your dreams in 12 days
  • Become a living god (just that) in 4 days
  • In short, you will have understood the process.

But you are going to tell me that people are not that stupid after all!

No ! Mr or Mrs knows very well that your method will not work and yet… there is always a small hope.

So we prefer to spend thousands of euros per year to find the ideal slimming method instead of moving our buttocks, playing sports and eating less shit. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the human Joie!

5) Get into the c** business

Some statistics:

  • Every second $3,075.64 is spent on web porn
  • Every second, there are 28,258 Internet users who watch it
  • Always every second, 372 Internet users type keywords of adult sites on search engines
  • 12% of the internet is made up of porn sites which represents 420 million pages
  • The internet porn industry made $97 billion in 2006

For more statistical information:

You will have understood it, it is a golden way to make money.

PS. You can also get into pop music, the two sectors are merging. And I’m not talking about the literary world… Gray my friend…

6) Marry a rich person close to death

You take them as old and as badly off as possible. You grit your teeth for a few years, and BAM, you’re a millionaire.

Take inspiration from the nice ladies who surround Hugh Hefner purely for his personality, humor and wisdom.

7) Become a philosopher

The simplest and most effective technique!

You talk to your friends about something trivial and after a while you say: but you know money doesn’t buy happiness “. Look at them condescendingly as if you’ve just told them some unknown truth. You can still add a layer (it holds better) by saying that the important thing is health or love and that’s the real wealth. Now you can go back to your moldy studio alone, eat Burger King (I’m making an effort you see and feel the richest in the world!

8) Become a big Gangsta

You noticed that bad guys are always rich in movies. They always have plenty of weapons, girls… sumptuous villas. It’s because they have the necks to do what others don’t. The easiest way is to become a mafia godfather. I highly recommend the book Gomorra by Robert Saviano, he explains all the tricks to becoming one. You will see, this universe is fascinating!

9) Spend lots of money to learn how to get rich

By far the most important tip. I am just about to start my training get rich poor bunch! » which will only cost 27€ per minute! (offer valid until February 31…) As soon as you are in a bookstore, buy all the books with the words “secret”, “rich”, “millionaire”, etc. Ditto for training, methods, seminars, workshops… One piece of advice: BUY, BUY, BUYEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZ!

This is the secret of the richest, it is obvious.

10) Blackmail God

Well, the law of attraction and all, it’s very nice, but there is much more effective! We don’t ask the white gentleman behind his cloud, we demand! Take an interest in the religion in question, and threaten its creator to do the opposite of what it teaches if it doesn’t give you plenty of money. I once saw a guy say to heaven that he was going to wear hybrid cloth clothes, wear a tattoo, and even wear clothes that weren’t white (yes, those rules are in the Old Testament!) he didn’t have €10,000,000 in cash within 3 days. The next day he was a millionaire. True story !

You can also yell at the universe by saying ” You’re getting the money now! we stop making his crevard! “. That’s how I made my first million.

No, seriously!

On the internet, I often have the impression of being in the middle of obese people giving dietary advice, blind people giving drawing lessons or bald people explaining how to do their hair properly. . Just because you’ve read a “wake up the millionaire in you” bestseller doesn’t mean you know how to make money. Honestly, if I knew how to make that much money, I wouldn’t waste time telling how to do it…I just would. And that’s the height of this story, is that people hope to make money by telling people how to make money. I can’t help but take a drawing made by Julien that he had placed in This article to conclude the best.


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Money: The 10 Most Kept Secrets to Getting Rich

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