Massif des Vosges: Limit speed and noise!

Residents and defenders of the massif are fed up! They have been alerting for more than 2 years and they see nothing changing. They were about 150 this morning at the Col de la Schlucht in the rain to demonstrate against speed, noise, nuisance caused by very high traffic.

Daniel Arnould is a local resident, he comments very firmly: “ Too many people, too much noise! And in addition no respect, no politeness, the snowshoes even on the tarmac and they jostle you if you are on their way. Especially since the Covid, it’s the rush! A bit like when you release the cows in the meadow in the spring after a locked up winter! ».

The Route des Crêtes is closed to motors.

After two years of reporting that some weekends, the noise is unbearable for local residents, that biodiversity is threatened and we can see that the capercaillie is about to disappear, Dominique Humbert, spokesperson for several collectives and associations of the Massif des Vosges, asks for actions: speed limits, noise and speed measurements, controls, and the closure of the section of the Route des Crêtes to motors. We go there on foot and by bike

The massif is not an amusement park.

There are more and more projects like the Via ferrata at Tanet, the increasing number of Bike Park sites, … which have no place in the Vosges, he explains. Let these equipment be made on wasteland! We use the Massif as a playground. The Tourist Offices apply an amusement park policy. You have to ask yourself what you want. Do we want to enhance the Massif as it is as a natural environment or turn it into a Disneyland? ».

Fewer parking spaces, more speed limits.

The environment is deteriorating, so is arnica, biodiversity is weakening and local residents can’t take it anymore”. He advises “that the tourist offices rather sell the Massif as a land of nature discovery. That we reduce the parking spaces so that people use the shuttle. When it’s full, we don’t go up anymore. And it would also be necessary for the mayors of the surrounding municipalities to set up speed bumps and 30 zones. That would deter those who come to play sports ”.

An article of the code against noise pollution.

The French Alpine Club of Bas-Rhin specifies that a letter was sent to the regional prefecture (67) with a copy to the European Community of Alsace, without response to date. A 2e report was made with reference to article 318-3 of the highway code against noise pollution and non-regulatory exhausts.

Just obey the law.

The answer was the installation of a jellyfish radar for an educational action and we are told about consultation with the bikers. To find out if they agree to respect the highway code and limit the resulting air pollution? protests Pierre Loth, president of the Bas-Rhin CAF. We’re fed up, completely! When we talk to the gendarmes, they tell us that they don’t have a sound level meter, and neither do they have the control instructions.”.

Really preserve peace.

For the defenders of the Massif, the peaceful attitude is above all akin to Greenwashing and SOS Massif des Vosges even speaks of asking for the dissolution of the Natural Park of the Massif des Vosges ” which is not in its role of preservation, do they thinkit’s a tourist office in disguise ». On the other hand, they are in favor of the conservation of Natura 2000-type nature preservation and protection stations.

Brigitte Boulay.

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Massif des Vosges: Limit speed and noise!

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