“Manifest dating”: what if positive thinking allowed you to find love?

Visualization, Law of Attraction, Positive Thinking: Call it what you want, but it seems flirting with your crush is possible. How ? Thanks to a technique that seems to have many followers: “Manifest Dating”.

D‘after one study by the Badoo dating app in August 2022, in partnership with the Focaldata polling institute, the French registered on the dating application would be more and more likely to believe in the power of attraction.

Finding love through positive thinking

According to this survey, 71% of French people, or about 7 out of 10 French people, are convinced that they have already seduced – or at least met – the person of their dreams thanks to the law of attraction. And for the eternally disappointed in love, 66% of respondents say they are ready to try the Manifest Dating to finally improve their love life and meet the person they’ve always been waiting for.

For Florian Ramos, marketing manager at Badoo, “despite the inconveniences of everyday life and the obstacles encountered due to new technologies and dating applications, we are convinced that the law of attraction inspires positivity and helps to understand what we’re looking for.” So to remedy this, Badoo has teamed up with personal development coach Francesca Amber to create a guide to the law of attraction for lonely hearts.

The Guide to Manifest Dating

To help lonely hearts, Francesca Amber specifies that “you just have to know what you want and put it forward, because that’s how you have the best chance of getting it”. According to the coach, the law of attraction asks to respect some rules, while blocking all negative thoughts, in order to focus on what you are looking for and to visualize only the ideal. Thus, we “motivate” what we seek to achieve to act on our own reality and to be part of it.

  • Do you like to. To quote Ru Paul, “if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?” In short, step number one to meeting someone is to take care of yourself, to visualize and create the life you want to lead so that you can then make room for someone who will love you and your life as much as you love yourself. A relationship shouldn’t serve as a crutch, it should simply enhance what you already have.
  • Set an intention. Positive thinking rule number two: stay positive! You may have a checklist to tick, you don’t know what the future holds for you, who tells you that this person is necessarily the right one? Keep an open mind.
  • Make a vision board. What better way to visualize what you want than to display it? Make a vision board with pictures and notes of everything you want to achieve. A check for one million euros? Do it and hang it. Leonardo DiCaprio? It probably won’t work if you’re over 25 – or 27 – years old, but we don’t know the power of your vision board! For a serious romantic relationship, you can list the values ​​you are looking for in a partner or the personality traits.

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  • Make room. Mentally, physically, among your acquaintances, your friends, your wardrobe: make room. Thus, it frees up space for new encounters and new opportunities.
  • Visualize, visualize, visualize. We don’t talk about visualization for nothing: visualization is a fundamental principle of the law of attraction. No need to know the person you are thinking of, imagine physical characteristics or know everything about them, you can just focus on the relationship you want, the emotions you want to feel, the sensations, the values ​​you you want to find in this relationship.
  • Become what you wish to attract. Yes, sometimes “opposites attract”, but why not focus on “birds of a feather flock together?”. Often in a relationship we talk about a partner who would be our mirror, so become what you want to attract! If you want to meet someone who is super athletic, start by registering for the room. You’ll have a better chance of meeting someone who really suits you by committing yourself fully to these hobbies!
  • You are not your partner. So yes, being in love, little crushes, is cute but keep in mind that the person you are with – or you are not – does not define you ! A relationship is there to help you grow and make you a better person, not a person. Learn to be happy alone and to have confidence in yourself so that a potentially interested person wants to be with you!

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“Manifest dating”: what if positive thinking allowed you to find love?

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