Law of attraction: How to use it to improve my daily life?

What if our thoughts really had an influence on reality? In any case, this is the idea developed by the law of attraction. This law is based on a simple principle: what we send out in thought can be realized.

The law of attraction, what is it?

People who practice the law of attraction believe that what you think about attracts you. For Sylvie Liger, author of The Law of Attraction, published by Eyrolles, “the law of attraction is above all a philosophy of life resulting from a wisdom that spans several millennia”. According to her, this theory would ultimately be “just a contemporary term to qualify ancient wisdom”.

Based on Positive thoughtit is based on the principle that our feelings, our thoughts and our imagination, if they work hand in hand, can become reality.

How can a thought become reality? Rest assured, this law is not so simplistic as that and is based on the vibratory nature of Man. “As human beings, we are alive, we are vibrant,” says Sylvie Liger. According to her, everyone emits vibrational frequencies related to the thoughts and emotions they provoke. “These emotions are vibrant information broadcast in the quantum field, and to put it simply, will meet or create its physical equivalent,” she explains.

Clearly, emitting positive vibrations and energies to the Universe attracts twin, and therefore positive energies.

Apply the law of attraction daily through desire

“Alright, from now on I’ll think only positives”, are you tempted to say, but it’s not as easy as it sounds and change his state of mind maybe quite complicated. Thoughts are much more complex to manage than we think and we can even fall into toxic positivity.

“The first thing to do is to observe yourself to align your vibrational frequency with what you want to see materialize,” advises Sylvie Liger. Then iYou have to adopt positive thinking. the power of positive attitude is often underestimated.

Then focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want. The thought should be formulated as an affirmation rather than a denial. For example, you have to say to yourself “I want to pass this interview” rather than “I don’t want to miss this interview”. The accuracy of the request is also essential: “Our job is to be precise and not to change our minds every week,” she says.

Adopting positive psychology is also a matter of intention. If your positive thoughts are soft and superficial, the law of attraction is less likely to work. “If your desire is not boiling, even archi-boiling, things will take longer to materialize or will not materialize at all”, warns Sylvie Liger.

You have to be convinced by what you are asking to the point of acting as if you had already obtained it. “It is essential to stay focused on your dream, to keep it warm, and to feel emotions of joy, relief, gratitude, as if it were already real,” says the author.

If you are looking for a job, for example, leave your bed early enough, as if you were going to work. Dress up and spend your time looking for a job with the certainty that you will eventually find it!

The effects of the law of attraction

The law of attraction would be a way “to turn radically towards our dreams”, explains Sylvie Liger. In the long term, we could realize that we are ultimately much more creators of our lives than it seems. Ask, believe and eventually receive: this is how the law of attraction would work.

In addition to helping you achieve this or that purpose, this theory would be a way to “take back power over your life”, says the author. Adhering to this law implies the idea of ​​believing that nothing is impossible and would therefore identify one’s deepest ambitions and desires. According to Sylvie Liger, this law could improve our daily lives even before taking effect: “Positive thinking naturally makes us more joyful, while keeping our feet on the ground”. Be careful, however, not to fall into a toxic positivity that would hide your sadness and your anxieties.

Believing in your ambitions means having confidence in your ability to achieve them while learning from your failures. And if, ultimately, self-confidence was the secret of the law of attraction, and, more broadly still, the secret of success? Trusting yourself and exuding self-assurance undeniably attracts more opportunities than sitting limply at the back of your sofa hoping.

So, want to try the experience? Take it small and start with small goals. On the other hand, if, like others, the law of attraction does not convince you, you can easily satisfy yourself with having confidence in yourself and your goals. Work accordingly while adopting a positive attitude, success is the key!

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Law of attraction: How to use it to improve my daily life?

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