Law of attraction: create your life with the quantum attitude

The only observation of the material laws could make think that we are in a world of limitations, of injustices, that so many people think it is understandable. Everything changes the day we discover that everything we can experience is intimately linked to the projection of our inner world and that our consciousness generates the circumstances in a permanent process.

We mentally create things before they print on the space screen

The extraordinary thing about quantum physics is that it confirms that the foundation of our world is not material. Everything proceeds from an energy field made up of waves, densities, frequencies and very varied intensities. Better yet, it invites the magnificent understanding that this ocean of energy that surrounds us, long considered “the void”, is animated by a Universal Intelligence reacting to our way of being. Great thing, this invisible Force, which makes the blade of grass grow and directs the course of the stars, can be contacted constructively to become an accomplice to our desires.

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In search of a happy future

A wonderful power awaits us as soon as we learn to play with this great principle of the quantum game of our lives where the imperceptible counts as much as the measurable:

The invisible precedes the visible

Happy thoughts make happy lives. It is not with complaints that a person dissatisfied with his fate can move towards a more fulfilling life, what he needs is to raise his level of consciousness to send a new signal to the Universe. “I suspected it! We have all had a foreshadowing of a certain event at times. This kind of situation demonstrates, if need be, that we participate in the creation of our reality and the need to program ourselves for the best.

We must create the spiritual equivalence of what we want to experience

The beautiful relationship you expect, the better situation you hope for already exist in a latent state in the form of potentialities in this famous quantum field, this ocean of energy that surrounds us. They wait silently waiting for us to be mentally ready to enter our lives, but there is one condition to that: that our conscience calls them so that they have the ability to materialize.

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The misfortune of most people is that faced with problems, they only think in terms of actions, they rely on their own will or some kind of assistance to get things done without questioning their way of thinking, their speech. Indeed, like a radio station, we receive programs only when we are on the right frequency 106.7 is not 106.8.

Nothing happens by chance, you can only see what you are willing to see

Our brain constantly filters information. Everyone has, without realizing it, the equivalent of a search engine, Google or Firefox in their mind, always at work exploring the great cosmic computer. For example, a woman learning that she is having a child will notice baby carriages that she would have totally ignored the day before. This unconscious “search engine” is not content to respond to our concerns but does everything possible to offer a world that responds to our beliefs. This is how those who speak of abundance encounter it, those who speak of crisis experience it. You can illuminate your energy field by building yourself markers in joy and by making the magnificent decision to believe in yourself, immediately the Universe begins to believe in you.

The secret of attractive energy: loving life

Choose to move forward in joyful quantum attitude wishing the best for others, and feeling the gratitude of your desire as if it were already fulfilled. What you are able to imagine, the universe can accompany!

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Christian Bourit is the author of the book The quantum attitude, published by Quintessence. His program “21 days to live Quantum” to discover here.

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Law of attraction: create your life with the quantum attitude

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