Katie Holmes wants to change our lives in the adaptation of the book The Secret

We don’t see Katie Holmes too much lately and that’s a shame. Well yes, we liked her and she was promised a brilliant career before she married Tom Cruise and was crushed. But, as they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Finally, it seems.

If you’re like us, you spend a lot of time on social media and that’s not okay. How do you expect France on the move to achieve its goals of happiness if you waste your days watching bullshit on the net? But since Facebook no longer has any secrets for you, you probably know that the social network system is governed by a few sacred and immutable principles: kittens, photos of food, those of friends’ kids who will earn them a good therapy in a few years, and the weird articles on positive thinking of the genre “It’s official, scientists have proven it, eating your poo eliminates racism in your body, besides the third photo will amaze you“. This kind of bullshit what.

A super old secret that has been passed down since the dawn of time and was created in 2006…

If we talk to you about all this, it’s because we’re a little freaked out. Finally, we all freak out in general, which is also why this kind of nonsense multiplies and proliferates, because we need to reassure ourselves and to dream while avoiding questioning ourselves deeply in order to really get things done. However, this mode of positivist and ultra narcissistic personal development does not come from nowhere and we can find one of its origins in the book of Rhonda Rhymes The Secretpublished in 2006 and which was a big hit around the world.

Based on dubious testimonials from gimmick specialists and gimmick researchers (and we say that because we’ve read it), Tea Secret was basically only taking up this good old law of attraction which told us, basically, that if we connected to the global energy of the great whole of the universe by expressing lots of positive thoughts, we fatally attracted the Good and our life could only be a fairy tale. What makes us say that they are a bit stupid Syrians, Rwandans, North Koreans and other Migrants. Rather than taking dictatorships and wars on their face, they would have done better to go to Fnac.

Katie Holmes, Christian Bale

“Yes my life is in ruins but I keep smiling. So that’s cool.”

But back to what interests us, the cinema. So we learn, through variety that The Secret will finally know a feature film adaptation, produced by Covert Media and starring Katie Holmes. The ex of Tom Cruise will therefore play a widow with her three children who hires a handyman to consolidate his house during a terrible storm. As he gets closer to the family, he will share with Katie Holmes his secret to being happy, which is to connect to the power of the universe to obtain all the happiness he wants. And as Katie Holmes is a little dropped at the moment, she will believe it.

Photo All We Had

An expression not very positive thinking that will have to be rectified fissa.

No release date for the moment, nor even filming, and frankly, we are in no hurry. In any case, this short summary already proves to us that the subtlety will be pachydermic since we can directly establish a symbolic parallel between the storm and the torment in which the character of Katie Holmes will be plunged, the house-family and the guy-savior who should be more than a one-night stand. Yes, we live in great times.

Photo Best Friends

Kisses Syrians, above all stay positive!

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Katie Holmes wants to change our lives in the adaptation of the book The Secret

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