Impressive video of an accident in a famous French amusement park, a cable breaks, the passengers inside

The accident in the amusement park in the Netherlands on May 27, 2022 left several injured. A month later, a similar event occurs in France. On the night of Saturday June 25 to Sunday June 26, 2022, around 12:20 a.m., an accident occurred in the famous Luna Park amusement park in Fréjus, in the Var. Fortunately, unlike that of the Netherlands, there were no serious injuries. A young girl has a foot injury. But beware, a few more minutes could have turned into a tragedy.

More fear than harm

In the Luna Park amusement park in Fréjus, this weekend, one of the cables of the “La Catapulte” merry-go-round attraction dropped very quickly after take-off. Propelled at more than 100 kilometers per hour in the air, the two passengers on board, thrill seekers, very quickly went from enthusiasm to dread.

As a result, one comes out unscathed while the one who accompanied him comes out with a little sore. Note that the scene was filmed. The video has also gone viral on social media right now. It’s a video that sends shivers down your spine and reveals amazement at the same time. Thousands of Internet users around the world have seen it.

Luckily, the cable was cut during takeoff. Where the carousel is not at full power. In other words, it could have been worse. Imagine a speed of 130 kilometers per hour crashing into the ground… It could flatten a face if you are unlucky enough to land on your head.

What exactly happened? Anyway, such accidents can ruin the reputation of this famous French amusement park.

Poor quality rubber bands

An investigation was launched in order to understand and find out what was the reason for this accident. Also, to prevent such a situation from happening again and causing serious damage in the future. The director of the park, Rudy Maury, is interviewed by Var Matin and affirms that “the rubber bands were new” and that the security systems worked very well”.

According to him, the problem would come from the quality of the rubber bands:

“It seems to be a quality defect in the rubber bands. The manufacturer issued a batch recall yesterday following the incident. After that, I can’t go too far. We are awaiting the arrival of an expert.»

The latter should be there within a few days according to the media.

So far, as the director said, the investigation is ongoing, so we are awaiting the results. The injured little girl has not filed a complaint to date. Last I heard, she is doing well, and only has a few scratches on her feet. For this park, this accident is a first. The director expresses to do everything possible to ensure that this does not happen again.

Why do we love thrills?

According to a study conducted by American psychologist Martin Zuckerman in 1970, the personality of thrill seekers is defined by the following four elements:

  • Sensitivity to boredom
  • Disinhibition or willingness to be spontaneous
  • Looking for a new experience
  • quest for adventures

These four elements cause the individual to watch horror movies, go to haunted houses and play in amusement parks for children.

A recent study also shows that it’s all about hormones. Our body has automatic mechanisms, which are usually called involuntary reflexes. Faced with danger, our body secretes adrenaline to ensure its survival in case of flight or fight. Adrenaline, as we all know, is the hormone of action, excitement and enthusiasm.

That said, it’s not just adrenaline, because after the event our body secretes dopamine. This is the happiness hormone. People are addicted to thrills because after fear the body secretes a lot of dopamine. It gives them a feeling of well-being. It’s kind of like the effects of drugs. The more you take, the more you crave. But unlike drugs, dopamine and adrenaline, which are natural drugs, do not have harmful effects on health. They are still very addictive.

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Impressive video of an accident in a famous French amusement park, a cable breaks, the passengers inside

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