How to store oranges to prolong their shelf life and prevent mould?

Oranges have so many benefits! They are nutritious, contain vitamins A and C, fiber, calcium, potassium, sodium and protein! All of these are essential to our well-being and the fact that they come together in one fruit is quite amazing, isn’t it? However, in order for them to fully deliver their amazing benefits, they must be stored properly. You might think that oranges spoil too quickly, but here it is: we don’t store them well! So we can ask ourselves how to store oranges? DeaVita has all the practical advice you need! Let’s go !

To start, what you need to do first is choose the right orange. Normally the fruit quality is much lower than the supermarket. If you can find a farmers market, you will definitely get better quality. However, you can still catch mouth-watering juicy oranges in the big chains! The best way to do this is to store ripe oranges in the fridge and freezer. By the way, never pick oranges that aren’t ripe. Know that if they are picked too early from the tree, they will never ripen on their own! So be careful! Indeed, DeaVita will now show you how to properly store oranges at home and enjoy their wonderful taste for longer! Plus, it will help you tremendously in reducing food waste!

how to store oranges in the fridge

Oranges thrive and live longer in cooler than warmer environments. If you leave them outside on a hot summer day or near the window, where the sun can reach them… They won’t last long! However, if you store them in the fridge, you can keep them for about two months! Oranges are best placed in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator, where the temperature seems ideal. You can also place the oranges in a mesh bag. However, don’t put them in a zip lock bag, as they need air to stay fresh in the fridge. But can oranges be stored in the freezer too? Yes, and they keep for up to a year and are still safe to eat. However, their quality may no longer be as good. Here’s how to store them in the freezer:

Peel the oranges and remove as much of the white pith as possible. Divide each orange into quarters. Then, place the orange segments in resealable freezer bags, squeeze out the air, and seal them. Save the orange peels for decoration.

And outside?

how to properly store oranges

What you need to know to store oranges anywhere: they must be completely dry. If by any chance there is water on your oranges, dry them thoroughly. Water can cause mold to grow and your orange will spoil very quickly. We have already said that heat and direct sunlight should be avoided. If you insist on storing your oranges outside or if you have no more room in the refrigerator, keep them in a shady and dry place. Normally, oranges don’t last very long outdoors, so it’s in your best interest to consume them quickly.

Orange mould: danger!

danger orange mold

And if mold grows on an orange, should you just cut off the moldy part or throw the whole fruit away? According to research, soft fruits with high water content can be contaminated below the surface. Toxins are spreading everywhere. Therefore, cutting the mold may not be the best solution. Moreover, eating a moldy fruit can lead to several harmful consequences: diarrhea, dizziness, vomiting, etc. What you need to do is discard the whole fruit.

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How to store fresh oranges? Follow our advice!

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To preserve the oranges well, do not put it in the sun!

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The benefits are countless! We must preserve this fruit!

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How to store oranges for several months? In the fridge !

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Oranges have important nutrients for all of us.

how to store oranges for several months

Did you know that the orange is the largest citrus fruit in the world?

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Spain has more than 35 million orange trees!

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Did you know that there are over 600 varieties of oranges?!

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How to store oranges to prolong their shelf life and prevent mould?

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