How do you cultivate (and reap) happiness through the law of attraction?

Thanks to the law of attraction, regain power over your life, and consider that everything is possible, especially the best!

Written by Paul Maloon Sep 11, 2021, at 8:00 a.m.

Do you know the law of attraction? With it, you will probably feel like a Jedi straight out of Star Wars! “The Force is everywhere around us and within us”. Just like the positive energies in which to draw happiness.

Capturing and nurturing positive thoughts

Basically, the principle of the law of attraction is not so different: the positive energies are in us and all around us. It is up to us, therefore, to know how to use it for the best. Imagine you could be your own good genius and attract the best? Health, professional success, love… And if, like beautiful flowers, the happiness could grow and harvest ?

In other words, your thoughts have a real influence on the course of your life, and there is a direct link between what you think and the reality you live and will live. The idea is simple: the energy is there, all around us. And whether it is positive or negative, we capture it as we emit it, depending on our mood, that of others, and the vagaries of daily life. As they say: you just have to see life in pink to make it so, and the reverse is just as true. This concept of the law of attraction is in fact not new: it appeared at the very beginning of the 20th century within currents linked to the notion of positive thinking, and will have taken different forms over time.

Ask, Believe and Receive

Ask yourself what you really want for your life – © bbernard

It remains to know how to make your life more rosy… And this basically revolves around three key words, three clear and explicit action verbs: ask, believe and receive. What do you really want, deep down? To be able to ask for what you want, you have to start by being able to formulate it precisely. Once this is done, one must also have the energy to believe that one can, that one will indeed receive what one ardently desires.

Finally, if knowing how to ask is not so easy, starting with getting out of the negativity of formulations (no longer being, no longer having…) to change the frequency of one’s emotions and energies, knowing how to receive and welcome these benefits is hardly easier. The law of attraction is a self-discipline, which is built and imposed on a daily basis, step by step, positive thought after positive thought. Goodbye bitterness and sourness, project yourself towards getting what you want.

Gratitude, key to everything

law of attraction

Knowing how to seize opportunities and create them – © Minerva Studio

Coincidences do not exist, but it will be up to you to recognize opportunities when they arise, and to seize them. If you must fully believe that you are going to receive what you asked for, you must also tell yourself that this is not a home delivery: it is up to you to go towards your goal, to project yourself into this future as if was already accomplished, and to know how to reap the fruits of it in harmony, balance and happiness, once obtained.

Because the last key to the law of attraction is simply gratitude. It is from it that will feed, for you as for the others, this positive energy which will help each one to be realized. Because, as a simple saying goes so well, the important thing is not only to be happy, it is also necessary that the others are also. For the law of attraction to work fully, happiness must be contagious. It’s up to you to become the magician of your life, and that of others.

Banner illustration: Law of attraction – © G-Stock Studio

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How do you cultivate (and reap) happiness through the law of attraction?

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