Herenui Tuheiava, Miss Tahiti 2022: “I am the fruit of a Paumotu and Cook Islands crossbreeding”

The election of Miss France 2023 will be held on December 17 in Châteauroux. It is therefore time to get to know the candidates better. Herenui Tuheiava, Miss Tahiti 2022, agreed to answer our questionnaire.

Herenui Tuheiava was crowned Miss Tahiti 2022 last June. She will try to succeed her Polynesian comrade Vaimalama Chaves, elected Miss France 2019.

Introduce yourself in a few words?
My name is Herenui, which in Tahitian means “great love”. I am the fruit
of a Paumotu and Cook Islands crossbreed. I have the honor of being the 60th Miss Tahiti for
the election of Miss France 2023.

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What is your main character trait?
My loved ones say of me that I am authentic, passionate, determined and dynamic. But I’m not perfect, so I’ll add that I’m also
dreamy and sometimes head in the air.

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Why did you embark on this adventure?
For various reasons: the pursuit of Miss Tahiti’s dream because Miss France is a life accelerator, a means of gaining self-confidence and getting to know each other better. Then, this election honors the diversity of female assets. And above all, because Miss France is a wonderful showcase for discovering our overseas regions and territories. This crown makes all the beautiful facets and riches of France sparkle.

Her favorite Misses? Mareva Galanter, Mareva Georges and Clemence Botino

What is a successful reign in your opinion?
A successful reign would be to wake up a year later more than satisfied and proud in
seeing how far we’ve come. To say “I did it” with all my heart. How beautiful, thrilling, certainly not always easy, but so edifying at the same time. A perfect mix of unforgettable experiences and enriching encounters.

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Who is your favorite Miss France and why?
Three Miss France in particular: Mareva Galanter, elected Miss Tahiti the year of my birth, with whom I had the chance to share a privileged moment of exchange, advice and conviviality. A discreet, gentle and radiant woman. A meeting I will never forget. But also Mareva Georges, for whom I have enormous admiration for her support for our Polynesian youth. I participated alongside him in the inauguration of Margeret’s Place in a large high school in Tahiti. A strong emotional moment that echoed the cause that is particularly close to my heart.

Finally Clemence Botino, with whom I identify the most for his naturalness, his joie de vivre, his generosity, his creativity on social networks. An inspirational woman to me. By the way, I wish her all the best for Miss World: Go ahead Clémence, we believe in you! Make us dream again!

Do you have a strong childhood memory linked to Miss France?
The parades we organized with my little sister. We put on heels, princess dresses and we lived our own Miss election.

A mentor or someone who has influenced you in your life?
At the age of 12 I had the chance to join one of the biggest dance groups
Tahitian, the “Grands Ballets de Tahiti” under the direction of Teiki and Lorenzo. This
experience will remain an unforgettable introduction to the pleasure of the stage, the magic of the show, discipline and team spirit. The advice I take from Teiki: high standards lead to excellence!

A song ?
“Milord” by Edith Piaf, which marked me deeply when I was younger
because this song highlights conviviality, sharing and respect for differences, values ​​that drive me on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter where you come from, who you are, the main thing is to share.

A book ?
“The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. A revealing, surprising and exciting book dealing with the law of attraction and how to use it. He made a huge impression on me for his encouragement to have a better mindset and to clearly visualize my goals in order to attract what I would like to have in my life. A practice that I apply frequently.

A film/a series?
“The Lady’s Game”. The journey of this young orphan is incredible since she knew how to overcome all the prejudices of the child left to her own devices, of the gifted woman in an extremely masculine world and she managed to achieve her goal by becoming the greatest player of failure in the world. A series inspired by a true story that gives a lot of hope, an example of courage and perseverance.

Your favorite pastime?
Make rewarding encounters, live new adventures, get out of my zone of
comfort in order to make my life an unprecedented adventure!

A hidden talent?
Be serious in everything I do without taking myself too seriously.

A cute sin?
Chocolate without color distinction, I love them all!

Regional pride?
The Polynesian spirit with its strong values ​​such as generosity, a sense of hospitality and respect for differences. I am proud to be Polynesian and to represent my region on the Miss France stage!

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Herenui Tuheiava, Miss Tahiti 2022: “I am the fruit of a Paumotu and Cook Islands crossbreeding”

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