Here are five REALLY good reasons to keep a gratitude journal for your mental health

If it is not always easy to constantly smile at life – given that it inevitably brings with it its share of worries and hardships – it is clear that it also has real moments of happiness in store for us. daily. As insignificant as they may seem at first sight, learning to notice them, to recognize them and to appreciate them at their fair value is already taking a step towards inner peace. The gratitude journal is here to help you do just that.

It is the object that everyone needs! The gratitude journal is a simple notebook to take full ownership of by writing in it, every day (without exception), a few lines transcribing positive thoughts and happy moments experienced during the day for which you felt grateful. A bit like highlighting them, inscribing them more deeply in your memory and celebrating them at their true value. The exercise takes no more than ten minutes and can be done in the evening or in the morning, depending on individual preferences.

The good thing is that there is absolutely nothing complicated about keeping a gratitude journal. Whether you’re comfortable with writing or not at all, it shouldn’t take too much effort. Indeed, all you have to do is write down three positive things a day, whether in the form of elaborate sentences or bullet points doesn’t really matter. What matters is the desire you put into it. The positive of your day can be that you spent time with a loved one, heard good news at work, or even took a moment to enjoy a good coffee before starting the day. Even (and above all) the simplest pleasures must be included!

Why keeping a gratitude journal is good for mental health?

Focus on the positive

You will soon find that rejoicing in the little things daily will allow you to see life in a new light. Indeed – and especially if you are more the type to see the glass half empty than half full – putting your finger on the simple moments of happiness of everyday life is likely to transform you. Practicing gratitude allows you to put aside your frustrations. And as the law of attraction wants: the positive attracts the positive, so why deprive yourself?

Take stock of what you have

It’s a fact: human beings always tend to believe the grass is greener elsewhere. Keeping a gratitude journal will allow you to take stock of everything you own, whether tangible or intangible. Becoming aware of this wealth you possess and ceasing to envy what you don’t have will help you to appreciate even more what is offered to you by life on a daily basis.

Do some introspection

If you take it seriously, your gratitude journal will eventually be filled with valuable information about you. You can then immerse yourself in it to get to know yourself better: take stock of the things that make you happy, that really matter to you. Thanks to this, you will be more in tune with yourself and able to embark on new projects that are close to your heart. Your self-esteem will be increased tenfold!

Take a moment for yourself (and only for yourself)

Keeping a gratitude journal will also help you force yourself to take a few minutes just for yourself. As in a bubble, you can pause the frenetic pace of your daily routine for a handful of precious minutes. This exercise may require a real effort for the first few days, but rest assured: little by little, you will learn to appreciate this sacred parenthesis. What a pleasure to take a breather while taking a step back from the day!

Do a fun activity

Finally, keeping a gratitude journal also means being able to be creative and let your imagination run wild (too often narrow in adulthood). Indeed, this notebook refers to childhood and to the diaries of the time. Do not hesitate to personalize yours to your image, to add color, drawings, images… You are free to cultivate your style, your identity. Above all: have fun!

Gratitude journal: the key to success

For your gratitude journal to end up being truly beneficial for you and for all the points mentioned in this article to apply to you, there is only one rule: show involvement and regularity. Indeed, the exercise must become for you a real ritual until it fits naturally into your routine. Remember that by dedicating to your gratitude journal just a few minutes a day, you can see real daily benefits. What’s more motivating than that?

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Here are five REALLY good reasons to keep a gratitude journal for your mental health

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