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Head-heart-body alignment is a psycho-corporal technique, derived from sophrology, to help you find serenity. You will give yourself the means to succeed in your projects by drawing on your personal resources and developing your bodily, emotional and mental fluidity.

Head-heart-body alignment offers you to start from your inner resources to achieve your outer goals. If you want to be authentic and fully live your projectsthese three components of your person must go in the same direction: your mind (the head), your emotions (the heart) and your actions (the body).

How to practice head-heart-body alignment?

To better perceive, observe, understand and question, it is better to be interested in the three levels at the same time, which do not always say the same thing. When you are unsure about something or have a decision to makeyou can practice head-heart-body alignment by asking yourself these three simple questions:

  • Head: What does your mental ? What are your thoughts, your beliefs, your doubts?
  • Heart: What does your heart ? What emotions do you feel? What is your motivation ? Your mood?
  • Body: What does your body? Are your actions consistent with your needs, your feelings?

Try to answer like this:

  • Head: I think…
  • Heart: I feel…
  • Body: I ​​want… I will…

Then identify what needs to be changed and direct all your energy towards what you desire.

By identifying your natural resources and enhancing them , by identifying your deepest desires, you take the first step towards your satisfaction. You succeed by aligning your thoughts, emotions, actions, and posture in the same direction.

It doesn’t matter what others expect. The important thing is your success, your ability to carry out your project. It is the possibility of reaching your deep desires and satisfy your basic needs with your resources. It is in this sense that this head-heart-body alignment becomes particularly valuable.

First the body to feel good

Our body needs water, oxygen and break time to help us usefully in learning It is thanks to him that we are in shape to work with dynamism. Let’s take care of him and avoid giving him too much sugar otherwise we will have trouble concentrating.

A healthy and energetic body contributes to the achievement of your goals. A feed well chosen is an essential component of a healthy body. It is a source of energy and balance. Then a daily workout allows you to be well in your body by working:

How to Achieve Head-Heart-Body Alignment Rachel Galerme, Sophrologist

Emotions are the heart

Even if the head and the body are well prepared, our emotions can play tricks on us, or block and disturb us to learn properly. Let’s learn to tame them and welcome them to make them allies.

To promote your personal alignment (your head-heart-body alignment), it is necessary to identify your emotions, your feelings, your feelings. You need one favorable environment at your balance. This is why it is essential first to flee from negative people, spaces and circumstances. They don’t match you.

Then, finding the inner child which is in you, you will be able to identify your feelings. Your inner child is the one always able to marvel, be indignant or saddened. It will allow you to reconnect to your essential needs (security, love, accomplishment, social bond, etc.).

Mental preparation is the head

From the moment we know how our brain, we can prepare ourselves quietly. For this, we must not forget to set a goal; memorize the lesson, know how to redo an exercise, understand a definition…

Mental preparation reveals your vision and talents to you. The vision will guide you to your goal. To define it, you have several tools: law of attraction, visualizationetc.

Your talentare an invaluable resource for the success of your projects. They are your natural and unique strengths and qualities. These are your personal weapons. It is essential to identify them to implement your projects with ease and pleasure.

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Head-Heart-Body Alignment to Achieve Your Goals | Today.com

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