Futuroscope: Tornado Hunters, new for 2022

The park, which specializes in science and the future, has invested in new creations, including the latest crazy attraction which will be inaugurated on July 2, 2022. And you can even sleep in a space base!

[Mise à jour du 23 mai 2022] Specialist in futuristic and scientific mode attractions, the Futuroscope inaugurates prodigious novelties in 2022, which caused a stir. It is the case to say it with the very last attraction “Tornado Hunters”, a madness of technology and emotions for which the park has invested 21 million euros. And with a very first themed hotel designed like a space station, which will allow thrill seekers to think of themselves as conquerors of space.

Tornado chasers: the new 2022 attraction

Official opening on July 2, 2022 for Tornado Hunters. A grandiose and colossal attraction, which promises thrills and immersive experience. Invited to enter the laboratory of a meteorologist and a tornado hunter, visitors take place on 120 seats, in the middle of the largest circular LED screen in Europe, of 470 m2. Special effects, “live” experiences of rain of flames and of course tornadoes with eight large fans, not to mention the platform which also moves. Indeed, the attraction takes place on a mobile support, which goes up, down and can even turn on itself at 30 km/h. A real whirlwind of technology and feelings, to be experienced with the family, the only criterion being to measure 1m05. And to have extra-strength gel?

Attraction Tornado Hunters at Futuroscope © Futuroscope

Hôtel du Futuroscope: sleep at the Cosmos Station, a space shuttle!

This year, Futuroscope is also inaugurating its first space-themed hotel. Designed like a space shuttle, the Hotel Cosmos station houses 76 rooms with four beds, decorated like the cabins of a ship. Something to delight science fiction fans, who can extend their stay in the head in the stars but on a very cozy cushion. Although the classification is in progress, the superior category comfort is indeed guaranteed, from 171 euros per person with the park ticket included. Otherwise, other hotels are also available on the Futuroscope site itself, with lower rates depending on the distance and access to the park, and the categorization of the establishment.

Which restaurant at Futuroscope?

If only for the unprecedented experience of completely futuristic service, Space Loop Restaurant is not to be missed! Just as original and integrated into the Cosmos hotel concept, the Space Loop lets you place your order in total autonomy via touch screens, and the service of the dishes is also disembodied, since your dishes will arrive on rails in a deployment of pirouettes and other loopings, The table is to be registered for the same day or for the next day on the Futuroscope site, and you can eat there for lunch, dinner and throughout the afternoon. Note that the restaurant is also accessible to non-visitors to the park or non-residents of the hotel.

Futuroscope launches Space Loop, a new restaurant © Futuroscope

What attractions at the Futuroscope park?

Young and old, explore the world of Futuroscope. For the bravest, thrills and strong emotions guaranteed with the “Dancing with robots” or “Dynamic” attractions. The first will have you spinning to the rhythm of catchy music, aboard a giant robot. In the second, a simulator of sensations, you will be tracked by flying ships, at the controls of a motorcycle. For the little ones: “Pilot Seeds”, “Adventure Splashes!” or outdoor games… The attractions are suitable for children, so you can enjoy the Futuroscope theme park together. There is really something to spend a memorable time with the family.

Adventure splashes

The aquatic attraction is located on one of the park’s lakes, in the Futuropolis marshes. Visitors must go in search of the treasure of the adventurer Mac Dundee, who fiercely watches over him. To access it, it will be necessary to use a water cannon to reach all the targets. Otherwise, Mac Dundee won’t reveal his secret to them and they won’t be able to find his treasure… A funny and family water fun adventure that will appeal to children!

Adventure splashes, new for 2021 at Futuroscope © Futuroscope

Goal Mars

Goal Mars invites children to slip into the shoes of an astronaut. Before attempting this immersive experience, candidates for the attraction must pass tests to find out if they are ready to go into space, during an interactive pre-show: they discover the conditions of a trip to beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. Then, they board a space test vehicle on rails, on the sole condition of being at least 1.10 meters tall. Their journey will be strewn with special effects, each more spectacular than the next, to really have the feeling of going to space: solar flares, magnetic fields, superlight speed (up to 55km/h), and even zero gravity. to finish. Guaranteed sensations! So much so that the European leisure industry magazine, Kirmes & Park Revue, awarded it the European Star Award for “best new roller-coaster”.

Objective Mars, from March 28, 2020 at Futuroscope © Calune – Glory Paris – D LAMING, Architect – AEROPHILE – Futuroscope

Futuropolis, the city of the future

The youngest can discover Futuropolis, a city of the future designed especially for children. They find there a nautical base, an airport, an aqualympic stadium, wind turbines, an electric car circuit, and of course, new heroes. Lucie builds buildings, Tom trains child firefighters, Malo monitors the nautical base and more! There’s even a villain, Darko, who will try to stop the kids from having fun. Not to mention the three superheroines, Elastica, Elastine and Elastane, who will do everything to help visitors have a good time. That’s not all ! Futuropolis will host new attractions including floating trampolines, rescue boats that children can pilot, as well as The Turbo Splash and the aces of the sky.

1654932349 827 Futuroscope Tornado Hunters new for 2022
Become a lifeguard at sea for an attraction at Futuropolis! © © JL AUDY – Futuroscope

Sebastien Loeb Racing Xperience

Futuroscope incorporates the 5D virtual reality with Sebastien Loeb Racing Xperience. If you are a motor racing fan, you will be able to experience more than realistic emotions and share the driving sensations of the world rally champion. You will board Sébastien Loeb’s racing car to save the world. During this chase, you will feel the jolts of the road thanks to a dynamic seat, but also the smell of smoke from controlled skids, accelerations amplified by sound and wind effects. Be careful not to lose the vial of antidote! Result: a unique emotional experience and guaranteed sensations.

1654932349 318 Futuroscope Tornado Hunters new for 2022
The new Sébastien Loeb Racing Xpérience attraction will open in April 2018 © Futuroscope

The Extraordinary Journey

In 2016, the Futuroscope Park launched this attraction which allows visitors to go around the world in just four minutes! The Extraordinary Voyage takes you to Egypt, India, Dubai, the Himalayas and the Yellow Stone National Park! Embark and fly like a bird while feeling the smell of spices or a few snowflakes…

What shows to see at Futuroscope?

After the sensations provided by the many attractions, you will dive into an atmosphere as fantastic as it is magical. The Futuroscope Park offers various shows: “Slava’s Snowshow”, a funny and poetic clown number, “The Key to Dreams” an aquafairy with light and image games, and “IllusiO”, a magic show where you can become the magician’s assistant.

Editorial review

Easily accessible thanks to its TGV station, Futuroscope is an ideal amusement park for family outings. The majority of activities are accessible to all, and are based on the use of new image and simulation technologies. Futuroscope will be particularly appreciated by children from 6 to 12 years old and even older ones, who will find their happiness among the many attractions that play on perception and sensations, as well as Futuropolis the last universe of the park. With its water games, playgrounds, trampolines and sandboxes, Futuropolis easily accommodates the little ones. Some attractions, such as Les Apprentis Pompiers or Mission: Eclabousse!, can even be enjoyed by several people. Fans of roller coasters or other roller coasters may not be satisfied, but thrill seekers will certainly be satisfied by the Dance of the Robots, which will have them twirling in all directions against the backdrop of Martin Solveig, or even the Turbo Splash of Futuropolis, a boat that flies through the air. And that’s not all: the Aerobar and the Gyrotour will make everyone gain height. One of the most of the park also lies in its many well-maintained relaxation areas, perfect for taking a break between two attractions, and recharging your batteries. Its major asset remains the accessibility of the attractions to all, thus ensuring a primarily family experience.

Address of the Futuroscope Park

Avenue René Monory, 86360 Chasseneuil-du-Poitou

Futuroscope Park telephone: 05 49 49 30 00

Futuroscope Park opening hours

Futuroscope is open every day until September 11, 2022 from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m., and night shows take place at 10:30 p.m.

Futuroscope Park prices

Adult (13 years and over): 38 euros: child (5 to 12 years old): 31 euros. Free entry for children under 5 years old.

Site : www.futuroscope.com

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Futuroscope: Tornado Hunters, new for 2022

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