Francis Szpiner, the heir to Claude Goasguen, Philippe Séguin and others Claude Barouch – Tribune Juive

In the 14th district of Paris, the second round will oppose the LR candidate and mayor of the 16th arrondissement, Francis Szpiner, who obtains 33.28% of the vote, against Benjamin Haddad, candidate of Together!, the presidential majority and former defector from the UMP , came out on top with 39.27% ​​of the vote.

The 10.36% of Sébastien Pilard, ex-LR Reconquest candidate, should benefit Francis Szpiner and allow him to win on Sunday over a candidate whose only program is to say: I am the man of the President of the Republic.

For many of us, Szpiner is the natural heir of Claude Goasguen, so appreciated in his constituency.

For many more, LR will need a charismatic leader. Here it is. The renowned lawyer, who devoted himself to purely political cases AND with unforgettable fervor in the Ilan Halimi and Sarah Halimi cases, the one who carried the voice of women in the cases of alleged rape, the one who was the first to promotes the concept of Responsibility in terrorism cases, has never ceased to show that he was a courageous man, an elected official as scrupulous as he is passionate, a hard worker: We bet that he will be for his electors but also for France a Deputy of very first plan which we know will be a school, concretely proving that he did not arrive by attraction of a power of which he already knows the taste, but by love of theGeneral interest, this notion of which we could think belonged to a bygone era. That of Claude Goasguen, Philippe Séguin and other Claude Barouch.

Facing him, those who want above all to give a parliamentary majority to the President.

The President, precisely, Francis Szpiner does not want to give him a blank check. This evening at the Michelangelo school, he will be alongside François Bellamy to convince you.

Whether it is on factual and nevertheless important subjects or on his long-term programme, the candidate and his deputy will not practice the language of wood: the Strike of the waste collection will lead them to convince that it is urgent to change the status of Paris: we must, Szpiner tells us, change the law, no longer depend on a central power, restore power to the district mayors: in this case, it is urgent to mobilize private collection actors .

Regarding the said “Care Center” which is due to open in August/September 2022 in the former Chardon-Lagache hospital, at the Church of Auteuil, the candidate will respond to the concerns of residents of the Village of Auteuil. He refuses this project presented as experimental which would be managed by the Aurore & Gaia associations, associations responsible for the catastrophic management of the Lariboisière shooting room: the said project, presented as a care center, would in reality only be a social accommodation project which would displace part of consumers in the 19th arrondissement in the 16th arrondissement, as a result of a reduction in the number of withdrawal beds available in the addictology department of the Lariboisière Hospital and the increase from 48 to 36 beds over the past 18 months.

The position of the candidate and his team is based on the studies of psychiatrists who consider that the place of said consumers, major drug users and active poly-consumers without a fixed address and presenting serious pathologies must be in withdrawal within a hospital. .

The candidate’s team protested against the absence of any police presence but the provision of surveillance “assured” by the presence of a single security guard for the whole of a space open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with free exits and entrances for residents who will be able to receive relatives.

The staff present will only be social and paramedical staff, paramedical limited to one or more nurses not specialized in psychiatry or addictology. Residents of Chardon-Lagache will therefore not benefit from the expected medical treatment: health education, implementation of personalized social support, assistance with adapted daily life, accommodation, catering, laundry services, etc.

We see it: if he is elected, Francis Szpiner is the right man, managing daily and immediate matters with realism and practical intelligence, and at the same time preparing for the future: In 2026 the Mayor of Paris should be able to be elected by direct universal suffrage, he says.

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Francis Szpiner, the heir to Claude Goasguen, Philippe Séguin and others Claude Barouch – Tribune Juive

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