Europa-Park. I tested the brand new Rulantica attraction: is it worth the trip?

I tested the new Rulantica attraction for you. (©Actu Strasbourg / Lucie d’Agosto)

To Rust (Germany), less than an hour from Strasbourgthe aquatic universe ofEuropa-ParkRulantica, inaugurated a new flagship attraction and presented all the new to best welcome visitors for the 2022 summer season.

Confetti and start-up of the machines, the park saw things in a big way. So Strasbourg News therefore inevitably inquired to go check if the games were worth the candle

Drinking the cup through your nostrils and wearing out your vocal cords

And after drinking the cup (through the nostrils!), wearing down his vocal cords and drowning a phone for a few videos, The answer is yes ! The new merry-go-round will delight young and old. the Tønnevirvelanother Scandinavian name worthy of the famous Swedish furniture designer, promises some great laughs.

Concretely, it is small circular boats in which there can be up to six. Once seated, the canoes turn on themselves and the ground shakes in turn.

All that remains is to activate the oversized water cannons by turning a wheel by hand, like the old machine guns, to happily spray its neighbors. In addition, for participate in the festive wateringthere is no need to necessarily be a passenger since cannons are placed around the attraction and can be operated by pedestrians. But beware, they will therefore be exposed and may also end up soggy.

No chance of escaping the water jets of the Tønnevirvel

Even if you are an expert shooter, no chance to pass between splashes or take cover! And don’t be fooled by its air of miniature attraction because it only takes seconds to be soaked from head to toe. Lucky will be those who wear glasses and can protect their eyes from water jets and millimeter shots from their neighbours.

I tested the new Rulantica attraction for you.
Once seated, the canoes turn on themselves and the ground shakes in turn. (©Actu Strasbourg / Lucie d’Agosto)

French or Germans, toddlers and very big children a bit like Peter Pan, during these few minutes, there are no longer any barriers between strangers, the game makes them all disappear. All that remains is to enjoy and have fun while trying not to get too sprayed. Magnifying glass. But the freshness is more than welcome in these high temperatures.

Videos: currently on Actu

Space for the little ones enlarged, new deckchairs and VIP area

For kids, the play area has also been expanded with two new slides with soft curves and another “racing” mini-slide for adventurous little ones. Next door, a new games fortressthis time in the dry, is also offered to allow children to venture into tunnels and wooden cabins.

Still for the outdoor space, new deck chairs appeared to be able to bask in the sun and above all to relax after having tested all the thrilling attractions. Right next to it, just a few meters away, also pushed a beach volleyball court where to enjoy wild games.

I tested the new Rulantica attraction for you.
Deckchair, performance stage and beach volleyball court, there is something to disconnect in Rulantica. (©Actu Strasbourg / Lucie d’Agosto)

Finally, for those who would like to combine games, comfort, intimacy but also a small part of luxury, two new VIP yachts have dropped anchor in Rulantica. Private terraces, mini-bar, private outdoor showers, air-conditioned berths for siesta time, there is plenty to do a day of four star madness.

Sensational attractions (very strong) and DJ evenings in summer

The interior part of the park does not offer any major novelties for this year, but the attractions already installed are still worth a visit.

There are in particular gigantic buoys that fall steeply into water tunnels and note, there is no point in closing your eyes, in less than seven seconds the whole park will know the capacities of your vocal cords, if you have any left…

Or, for the bravest, an attraction in which hatches open under the feet for a far too vertical fall in a giant slide, even thrill seekers will have to hold their stomachs tight. Not tested by us, you will have to be much more reckless to slip into it.

Work in progress, more 4-star novelties to come

Other novelties are to come, works are still in progress but the Krønasårde hotel will open soon. It will consist of suites in colorful houses with an infinity pool along a lake.

Other projects are being prepared between now and winter, in particular a third round of slides and parallel slides for racing but still a little bit of patience to learn more and be able to enjoy it.

I tested the new Rulantica attraction for you.
New attractions and places to relax coming this winter in Rulantica. (©Actu Strasbourg / Lucie d’Agosto)

Things to discover, there are many more in Rulantica. Saunas, restaurants, DJ sets on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings… What to get, for a day, a real feeling of escape, without telephone and social networks, in an atmosphere that is always Nordic, even by 30 degrees.

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Europa-Park. I tested the brand new Rulantica attraction: is it worth the trip?

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