Employee commitment at the heart of VivaTech


by Celine Tridon

VivaTech, the exhibition dedicated to new technologies and innovation, welcomes visitors to its 6th edition from June 15 to 18, 2022. The ‘future of work’ is widely discussed there, taking up current HR issues: retaining employees, caring for well-being at work and responding to recruitment difficulties.

If Las Vegas has its CES, Paris has its VivaTech. Like every year, the high mass of innovation welcomes thousands of visitors to Porte de Versailles. And this year the future of work is one of the strong trends. The world of work is changing, the war for talent is in full swing, employees are in search of meaning: VivaTech must address these issues. Or how innovation invites itself into HR. Leaves to show off. ” We want to blow up the meeting: the proof, we have suspended chairs and tables from the ceiling “says the team of Klaxoon, the collaborative tools company, not without pride.

klaxoon_vivatech_mailframesOn VivaTech, she came to present the new version of her “Workshop platform”. And for the first time in France, she integrates it on “Stage one”, a workspace which measures the effectiveness of meetings in real time. It can be adapted according to the needs of the team to use only one, two or three screens. Modular articulated arms carry touch screens that can pivot, go up, down… Panels invite you to write and allow teams to draw or hang various documents on them. On the floor, a light system makes it possible to visualize, on five axes, the performance of the meeting: the time elapsed, the level of commitment, the results and content produced, the ability to work in an asynchronous and hybrid way. ” The goal is to respect these five indicators and to create a space where everyone can express themselves in order to encourage everyone’s collaboration. Without engagement, meetings become less effective “, we explain at Klaxoon. And this is the ambition of Klaxoon which, in a way, makes work more inclusive.

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The need to reinvent

Ambition is not lacking either at Manpower Group, which adopts the mantra “working to change the world”. ” It’s an ambitious titleagree the teams on the stand. But it reflects the reality on the ground. There is a shift in the world of work, which determines a number of major pillars around the new aspirations of employees. “There is therefore a question telecommuting, employee loyalty, showcasing talent… For example, to refine your skills or even your career plan, virtual reality headsets allow you to immerse yourself in a parallel universe to answer a series of questions about your desires. Mainly dedicated to young talents (but any VR enthusiast will be seduced), the solution asks simple questions such as: “Do I want to manage a team? », « do I want to work in the medical field? “Or in sports?” “, etc. ” The challenge is to attract talent. A simple online questionnaire does not make it attractive. It is therefore a question of adapting the mode of evaluation of skills to the way of life of the candidates. “, explains the team of Evaveo, partner of Manpower Group at the origin of this prototype presented on VivaTech.

noos_vivatech_couriercadresThe start-up also worked on Noos, a serious game to test your soft-skills. Based on a playful educational scenario, it allows you to embody a character and manage a problem in 10 minutes. Available in the form of a subscription, it is one of its tools dedicated to promoting know-how to better retain employees.

Along the same lines, Manpower Group also introduced RightCoach, a 100% digital remote coaching. A certain Michelle Obama is also one of the proposed coaches… “ HR is more than ever at the heart of business challenges: it started before the crisis, but then accelerated. And it forces us to reinvent ourselves “, emphasizes Manpower Group, which also mentions the need for a ” fairness at work », not everyone having access to teleworking. This is why among the start-ups present on the Manpower Group stand, there is a 1 km walk. The young shoot calculates home-work journeys to optimize them. Gain ? A better quality of life thanks to shorter journey times and fuel savings. This last element becomes crucial in a inflation context galloping. And it is also in this sense that Edenred, specialist in payment solutions, promotes its entire range of tools in favor of the employee’s purchasing power.

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Soft mobility, for everyone

At VivaTech, on the Edenred stand, everyone is invited to immerse themselves in a virtual world to test the group’s tools (petrol or energy card, meal voucher card, etc.). This even goes so far as to test NFT payment, a possibility already offered by Edenred in Mexico. If the tokens will not immediately contribute to bailing out the wallets of the French, the group is campaigning, in parallel, in favor of an increase in the ceiling of the restaurant voucher and the development of its mobility voucher, in accordance with the Lom law. . These are two levers for attracting and retaining talent. Edenred also announced, during VivaTech, the integration of electric cars in carsharing Zity of Renault in its network of partners to make soft mobility accessible to all. Enough to align with the increasingly expressed ESG (environment, social and governance) concerns. ” ESG really is the new disruptionwe confirm at KPMG, which put together a large stand with some twenty start-ups supported, most operating in this ESG niche. Technology is still present, but it has become a means and no longer an innovation in itself. Now, we are asking ourselves more the question of uses: technology, what for? For which business project? A strong trend that goes hand in hand with an imperative that has been reinforced since the health crisis: restoringhuman at the center of everything.

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Employee commitment at the heart of VivaTech

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