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A well-known and publicized figure in the archipelago, Jonathan Lapierre returned home in 2005 to play politics. He quickly became a councilor and then mayor in 2013.

The 43-year-old describes politics as a passion. From as far as I can go back, says Jonathan Lapierre, I have always been immersed in local, national and international political news. My days begin and end with this. For me, it’s not a job. It is above all not a job, but a mission that I gave myself when I was young.

But it’s not just politics in the life of Jonathan Lapierre. He says he had the chance, when he was studying in Quebec, to work at the Serge Bruyère restaurant.

He kept the love of good cooking. This very small experience created in me this flame for gastronomy, the pleasure of eating well and having dishes that are well representative of the region and the mirror that we can have here in the Islands.

A widower, Jonathan Lapierre lost his wife last year to cancer. He is the father of a 15-year-old girl whom he admits to admiring even more after the ordeal they both recently went through. She is a beautiful girl, who grows up and becomes a woman whom I greatly admire for her strength of character, her determination and her resilience.proudly comments the dad.

Jonathan Lapierre says he is very proud of his daughter Léa, who is going to study in Quebec this fall.

Photo: Courtesy: Jonathan Lapierre

What strikes him CAQit is the friendliness and the good understanding between the candidates. It’s a very big familyhe said. It’s really a feature that came to me.

He recalls that the CAQ is a coalition of people who want to move Quebec forward. These people, he points out, have different backgrounds and come from different backgrounds: What unites us all is our love for Quebec, our love for our regions.


Proposal and commitment :

  • Bring to life the decree that already exists in the Act to ensure the occupation and vitality of the territories.

Insularity, observes Jonathan Lapierre, has always been at the heart of the lives of Madelinots and Madeliniennes. It is up to each Member of Parliament to make it his hobbyhorse […] to ensure that the entire government administration implements its application.


Proposals and commitments :

  • Collect the Islands’ share of the commitment of the CAQ to invest $1.7 billion to create 11,000 housing units;
  • Collaborate with the Maritime Community of the Islands as well as other partners in our community to implement social and affordable housing projects;
  • Carry out the projects already submitted by the Maritime Community of the Islands.

I want to make sure that the entire community of the Islands that needs housing, that needs financial assistance can have an adequate roof. »

A quote from Jonathan Lapierre, CAQ candidate

Territory occupancy

The candidate recalls that the occupation of the territory is a competence which falls within the maritime community of the Islands which requires a work of collaboration and consultation between the deputy and the local elected officials.

Proposals and commitments :

  • See that all local stakeholders have the necessary tools to ensure the occupation of the territory;
  • Ensure the realization of the regional park project, supported by local elected officials, but which must be approved by the Government of Quebec.

It makes the creation of the regional park a priority: It is a project that will allow to mix the uses, the users on the whole territory so that the population of the Islands can take advantage of the territory.

Cows graze in front of hills where there is a house.

Land use planning, landscape preservation and safeguarding agricultural land are current issues in the Magdalen Islands (file photo).

Photo: Radio-Canada / Isabelle Larose


Proposals and commitments :

  • Transfer the management of the Île d’Entrée service to a local operator;
  • Balance the disadvantages and advantages for the inhabitants of the archipelago of the $500 cap on air transport fares for individuals;
  • Analyze the possibility that the pricing of plane tickets at $500 could also extend to maritime transport;
  • Provide cargo transport for medicines and foodstuffs.

Next June, we will have completed a year, I undertake to analyze the impacts, advantages and disadvantages of this program [des billets d’avion à 500 $] for the community of the Islands. »

A quote from Jonathan Lapierre, CAQ candidate


The member must work with the Tourism Development Corporation, with the CTMAwith the Chamber of Commerce, with the citizens of the islands to ensure that the community has an excellent visitor/visited ratiosays Jonathan Lapierre.

Proposals and commitments :

  • Implement all the plans presented by the various partners;
  • Preserve our identity, our history and the quality of life of Madelinots.

Tourism is an important economic driver for our community. […] Madelinots and Madeliniennes have to be good in this industry. »

A quote from Jonathan Lapierre, CAQ candidate


The candidate observes that there is indeed a significant labor shortage in the archipelago, but that there is also a strategy tabled by the Maritime Community of the Islands to attract new workers.

Proposals and commitments :

  • Politically and financially support the strategy of attracting people to the Islands;
  • Ensure that the housing needs of new workers are met;
  • These are two files on which I will work vigorously if I am elected.


This will be at the heart of my commitment, particularly with regard to climate change. Over the past four years, the CAQ has invested heavily in the Islands, but there is still a lot of work to doargues Jonathan Lapierre.

Proposals and commitments :

  • Seek funding and sign implementation protocols for work deemed priorities by elected officials of the Maritime Community of the Islands;
  • Obtain all the tools and financial needs of the archipelago to fight against shoreline erosion and coastal submersion.
A cliff destroyed by erosion.  A pipe broke.

Almost everywhere in the archipelago, like here in Cap-aux-Meules, the erosion of the banks is forcing the authorities to invest in costly protection and prevention works (archive photo).

Photo: Radio-Canada / Isabelle Larose


These are the difficulties of the LA Renaissance des Îles plant, which has placed itself under the protection of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, which primarily holds the attention of Mr. Lapierre: We know that several million dollars are expected by the community, it’s a firm and unequivocal commitment.

Proposals and commitments :

  • See that LA renaissance des Îles pays its debts to fishermen and Madelinot suppliers;
  • Support the revival of the LA renaissance des Îles factory;
  • Support the claims of the Islands in the upcoming resumption of the redfish fishery.


Residences for the elderly on the islands have difficulty recruiting and attracting workers, they must face several challengesanalyzes the candidate of the CAQ

Proposals and commitments :

  • Support RPAs so that they can obtain assistance from the Government of Quebec
  • Obtain that the Plaisance des Îles becomes an approved accommodation center in order to increase the salary of the staff;
  • Ensure the implementation on the Islands of Health Minister Christian Dubé’s plan.

Energetic transition

Regardless of the solution chosen by Hydro-Québec, it must be a logical choice, a safe choice in terms of energy and it must be a choice that will allow us to progress as a community. »

A quote from Jonathan Lapierre, CAQ candidate

Proposals and commitments :

  • Ensure that the 85 local jobs at the oil-fired power plant are preserved;
  • The needs of today are certainly not the needs of yesterday and are not the same needs as tomorrow.

editor’s note The interviews with the candidate took place after the announcement of the Régie de l’énergie which asked Hydro-Québec to review its plan to connect the archipelago to its hydroelectric network by an undersea cable.

This text was formatted from two interviews conducted (one on the air and one off the air) with the candidate who was to decide in 60 seconds on each of the themes submitted.

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Elections in the Îles-de-la-Madeleine: Jonathan Lapierre at the Candidates Tournament | Elections Quebec 2022

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