Elected officials present their grocery list to political parties

September 14, 2022

Metropolitan Community of Montreal

Elected officials present their grocery list to political parties

By: Denis Belanger

Comprising several cities in the MRC of La Vallée-du-Richelieu, the Montreal Metropolitan Community (CMM) has communicated to the main political parties in the running its expectations of the next Quebec government. It invites them to take this into account in their respective electoral platforms and thus support the economic, social and environmental development of Greater Montreal.

“The growth and the force of attraction of Greater Montreal, and of Quebec as a whole, will largely depend on its ability to lead the ecological transition over the next few years. To succeed in this direction that it has been paving for more than 20 years, the CMM must be able to count on its partners, among which is, first and foremost, the Government of Quebec. We are therefore asking the various parties to commit to supporting our plans and our actions to respond to metropolitan issues, particularly in terms of social and affordable housing, sustainable mobility, the environment and public safety,” comments Valérie Plante, Mayor of Montreal and president of the MWC.

Main requests

The CMM’s grocery list revolves around five major themes, including social and affordable housing. The authority wants the next government to ensure the rehabilitation of badly degraded public housing and provides sufficient funding to deliver the AccèsLogis units scheduled and not built. Funding is also expected for the annual construction of 3,000 social housing units and 9,000 affordable housing units over 10 years.

On the transport and mobility side, the CMM wants Quebec to commit to having the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec collect, as of January 2023, the tax on vehicle registration and compensate for the shortfall due to its postponement. The other expectations in this regard are the diversification of funding sources, the continued development of public transit and the completion of the Réseau vélo métropolitain.

In the environment, the mayors of Greater Montreal want an investment of $100 million over five years to create a network of metropolitan parks and the same amount for the establishment by the CMM of a program to acquire spaces with potential for conversion into green space or natural environment. This spring, the CMM adopted an interim by-law – in effect since August 30 – protecting several golf courses from real estate development, including the Beloeil Golf Club. The body also wants the Expropriation Act to be amended and the government to renew its participation in the compensation program for rural municipalities for the protection of agricultural land.

In terms of land use planning, the CMM is requesting $6 million over two years to ensure the extension of the CMM’s TOD program and $3 million to extend its mapping work to local waterways and 9.6 M$ to carry out the risk characterization work. We also want an interregional harmonization of the development interventions of the CMM, the regions and the neighboring RCMs.

And finally, in terms of the economy, the CMM is targeting an amount of $15 million to accelerate the development of innovative solutions to decarbonize supply chains and $2.8 million for the implementation of a program allowing the elaboration of development plans for industrial spaces.

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Elected officials present their grocery list to political parties

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