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Winnie the Pooh hermaphrodite, Spongebob, homosexual propagandist, Shrek and transsexuality. disney now carries the torch of the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer) cause. For officials of the American giant, it is a better representation of minorities. But within Egyptian society, the case disturbs. And disturbs a lot. ” Why does the Disney company want our children to be indoctrinated by the LGBTQ cause? The child tends to see the superhero as a role model. By portraying same-sex attraction in a short, but explicitly gay or lesbian scene, the message sent is that it’s natural. But with us it is not. asks Hicham Abdallah, father of two children. And to add: Wouldn’t it be possible to watch a film about two children having affection for each other without necessarily wanting them to have a romantic relationship? We are opposed to this LGBTQ propaganda, which declares war on our nation and our children. With this content, Disney seeks to poison the minds of Egyptian youth “.

Anger grows. Many parents express reservations about what they perceive as inappropriate content for their children. They are also very concerned with Disney+ and ask officials to ban its broadcast in Egypt. It is, according to them, a way of corrupting the healthy nature of the child “. Nadia, a mother who followed cartoons with her 6-year-old daughter, has just issued an alert. This woman saw the image of a naked man with an erection in the middle of a cartoon broadcast on disney. ” Why subtle sexual messages hidden behind supposedly innocuous and child-oriented entertainment? The LGBTQ lobbies have a program and a strategy to impose their vision of sexuality on our children. They’re working on it and they’re getting there little by little “, she says. ” These media are bent on damaging the minds of our children and there is no better way to desensitize them than a cartoon. An excellent channel for formatting children from an early age adds another mother who has already boycotted disney for 4 years.

Gendered roles, sexist characters… disney now finds itself under fire from critics. It all started when last March, disney announced that it was introducing a large quota of LGBTQ characters in its productions. But the case has mainly been publicized in Egypt in recent weeks, when the latest animated film from the studios Pixar, Buzz Lightningwhich contains a fleeting lesbian kissing scene, has been banned in 14 countries, namely Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq , Malaysia, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates and the Palestinian Territories.

However, on June 8, the Walt Disney Company launched its streaming service, Disney+in 16 countries in the Middle East and North Africa, including Egypt, with content “ adapted to a region where the population is predominantly young. According Digital TV ResearchNetflix is ​​currently the most requested video streaming platform in the Middle East region with over 6.8 million subscribers, followed by Starzplay with just under 2 million and Amazon with 1.4 million. Digital TV Research predicts that Disney+ will become the second most requested streaming service in the Middle East by 2027 with 6.5 million subscribers after Netflix with 11 million.

Two opposing controversies

If in our societies, pro-LGBTQ content is shocking, in the West, what is disturbing is precisely the opposition to this content. The controversy had already been launched after the adoption in Florida of a controversial law prohibiting teaching on sexual orientation in public schools. Bob Chapek, CEO of disneywhich employs more than 75,000 people at its amusement park disneyworld in Orlando, in this state in the south-east of the United States, had found himself in turmoil after having said he was hesitant to oppose this law. Under pressure, he had finally publicly denounced this law. The president of disneyKarey Burke, had declared, last April, during an online event entitled “ Reimagine Tomorrow that his band was going to emphasize the main LGBTQ characters in their productions. ” As the mother of a transgender child and a pansexual child “, she expressed the wish to have at least 50% of the new characters of disney who are LGBTQ or from a minority background by the end of 2022.

And that’s not all. Last month, a new fashion line was launched, featuring products such as sweaters, t-shirts, baby clothes and other items, all emblazoned with the rainbow pride flag which symbolizes the movement LGBTQ. Many products also include LGBTQ themed images of the iconic character of disney Mickey Mouse and franchises Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar of the society. In Saudi Arabia, where homosexuality is punishable by death, toys and clothing bearing the colors of homosexuality, deemed contrary to the Muslim faith, have been seized in stores in the capital. There is also Barbie who has become a transgender doll. Farewell to the slender top-model with blonde hair, deemed discriminating: from now on, Barbie is available on a wheelchair, with a prosthesis, without hair or in LGBTQ colors, etc.

For adherents to these ideas, it is a matter of defending freedoms and minorities. For a society like ours, the matter is quite different. ” These Media Giants Use Poisonous Messages To Push Foreign Ideologies On Young And Impressionable Viewers “, underlines Karim Mostafa, a pedagogue and father of two daughters. This one protests perceived LGBTQ propaganda on popular media platforms such as disney, Netflix and YouTube. ” Promoting such an ideology has nothing to do with freedom or human rights. Rather, it is about reducing people to slaves to the brainless system by alienating them from their values. This corruption of traditional values ​​specific to Western societies is exported and imposed on the whole planet under the banner of globalization. “, he protests, while calling for all media platforms aimed at children to be closely monitored.

More parental supervision

Al-Azhar, Sunni Islam’s highest religious authority, has joined the controversy, amid growing calls on social media in Egypt to boycott films by waltz disney who promote gay rights.

In a statement issued on June 9, the Al-Azhar World Fatwa Center condemned homosexuality as ” a damnable obscenity contradicting the original nature of man “. He denounced a systematic diabolical plan to ” normalize the immoral crime of homosexuality in Muslim societies through entertainment media content. ” The plan aims to destroy the system of moral and social values ​​of the family institution, to distort the identity of its members and to undermine the security and stability of societies. There are attempts to impose a culture of homosexuality on the Islamic world under the pretext of accepting the other “, said the press release. The statement urged parents, media institutions and educators to play their part in strengthening religious and societal values ​​and immunizing young people from the clutches of such attempts. ” But how can parents protect their offspring when Disney is the biggest children’s content provider in the world? “, wondered the famous presenter Lamis Al-Hadidi on the sets of the private channel On TV. ” We all grew up watching Disney movies. How can I watch a gay Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse? We must not accept this oncoming culture and we must be aware of what is presented to our children “, continues Al-Hadidi.

A number of Egyptian actors have also come out to call for a boycott and denounce the plans for waltz disney to introduce homosexual characters. ” I refuse to participate in any production that promotes these practices said Sami Maghawri, who played Sullivan’s character in an Egyptian version of the animated comedy. Monsters, Inc.produced by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.

Mohamed Sayed Abdel-Rahim, a film critic, believes that children should not be subjected to any media content that is not appropriate for their age, so as not to destroy their innocence. ” Faced with these dangers, it is essential to protect our children to carry out a strict selection of the cartoons they watch. Arab channels are also plagued by these cartoons, often imported, without doing the slightest sorting. Even if the offer is less wide than what we find outside the Muslim world, it is still more than enough to represent an alternative to bad cartoons. “, he explains. And to conclude: Setting an age limit for online entertainment platforms is therefore necessary to protect children from sexual or gay content “.

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Disney cartoons are buzzing – Lifestyle – Society

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