Digitization: An investment plan of more than 600 MDH

The Minister pointed out last Tuesday before Parliament that the memorandums of understanding recently signed by her department with partners will result in investments estimated at 595 million dirhams (MDH), with the eventual creation of more than 14,000 direct jobs in the digital field. Digital represents an important pillar for companies, it makes it possible to better use and measure the impact of marketing strategies and offers a better return on their investments.

Thus, communication and marketing experts are becoming more and more aware of the importance of providing a qualitative experience to their customers and their employees by capitalizing on the digital boom. This major challenge will take shape through new investments relating to the establishment of units affiliated with leading international companies in digital technology, in several regions of the Kingdom.

Mezzour outlined the outlines of this major project, in response to two oral questions in the House of Representatives on the adoption of digitalization to attract investment and on the promotion of jobs in the digital field. The use of digital is constantly evolving, and at all levels, with great potential yet to be explored. Everyone is now used to finding opportunities online for information, consumption, discussion, as well as immersive experiences that contribute to a profound change in behavior.

All the data relating to the sector justify Morocco’s choice to focus on attracting this type of company, to motivate them to develop their digital services, with deployment on a global scale. Especially since they have a positive perception of the skills of young Moroccans in sectors related to digital technologies, since the Kingdom is considered one of the three largest offshoring centers in Africa.

The minister stresses, on this occasion, the particular importance to be given to technological start-ups and to support them so that they become competitive on an international scale. The education to be developed on these issues will lead to the development of the national economy and the strengthening of the Kingdom’s exports in terms of digital goods and services.

In the same perspective, it focused on the second component, which concerns human capital, by increasing the number of specialists in areas related to programming and digital technologies, and strengthening the legal arsenal to boost electronic payment services. It is also a question of focusing, among other things, on the qualification of the human element, so as to initiate in schools programming and adequate training courses for young people in the different regions of Morocco. The success of the support plan for start-ups and the openness to pioneering global experiences in this area depend on it, knowing that the 2023 finance law allocated a budget of one billion dirhams for the development of digital Morocco.

To successfully enter this new era, Morocco will therefore have to optimize all the measures put in place to translate the opportunities offered in terms of qualitative and quantitative development and this, in line with the objectives of the strategies developed in the industrial field and the main lines of the New Development Model.

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Digitization: An investment plan of more than 600 MDH

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