Despite a reduced season, the Aubois Nigloland park was full of visitors

Nestled in the Aube department, the fifth amusement park in France welcomed 590,000 visitors this year, with record attendance this summer and on the occasion of Halloween.

Only the particular context of the year, which notably led to the usual opening of the park being postponed by two months, prevented Nigloland from recording record attendance in 2021, while visitors arrived in unprecedented numbers in July, to take advantage of the new Krampus Expedition attraction, or on the occasion of Halloween, an unmissable highlight.

Between its late opening, on June 12, and the closing of the 2021 season on November 14, the Aube amusement park welcomed 590,000 visitors, “a very good season” despite the many turnarounds linked to Covid-19. The opening has indeed been postponed from April to June and is then conditional on obtaining the health pass. “If this measure was restrictive in several respects, visitors did not back down and massively went to the park, especially for the summer period”, welcomes the management of the park, property of the Gélis family.

After 310,000 visitors in 2020, when the season had been halved, the 2021 results are not far from the record of 655,000 visitors in 2018 (then 635,000 in 2019).

“We are very happy with this season and are proud to have been able to inaugurate Krampus Expedition, the park’s biggest investment since its creation. We were keen to offer our visitors a major novelty and they responded. has had an impact on attendance and Krampus Expedition has already established itself as the park’s most popular attraction. This already allows us to approach the future with more serenity”, declared Rodolphe Gélis, operations director.

An exceptional month of July

The month of July recorded a 30% increase in attendance compared to 2019, a record year for the park. The weather was perfect and visitors wanted to take advantage of the big novelty for 2021, the Krampus Expedition water roller coaster. An attraction that took two years to design and nearly a year and a half of work, for a total budget of 12 million euros, equivalent to around half of the annual turnover. The park has thus attracted the greatest number of people, especially from nearby large cities, including Paris.

Nigloween, the unmissable highlight

To close the season, “Nigloween” did not fail to sign a last highlight of the park, the weekend of October 30 and 31 marking the record attendance of Nigloland all seasons combined. Indeed, in 2018 and 2019 just under 160,000 visitors visited the park, this year 195,000 came to enjoy the unmissable Halloween atmosphere.

The late closing of the park and the full opening for the 11th of November bridge as well as the return of great Nigloween classics – Fireworks from the Alpina Blitz, the merry band of monsters, the Witch Village – have made it a resounding success, even more so this year.

During the next season, Nigloland will open its doors on April 9, 2022 and will celebrate its anniversary on this occasion: 35 years (when Disneyland Paris will only celebrate its 30th anniversary). For the occasion, the management promises to rehabilitate this winter the park’s flagship attractions such as the Hedgehogs, the Round of the Ducks and the Hot Air Balloons…

Guillaume Bayre Journalist BFM Bourse

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Despite a reduced season, the Aubois Nigloland park was full of visitors

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