David Laroche: why the law of attraction is not enough?

The Law of Attraction is the idea that our thoughts can create our reality. But is it possible to realize your dreams simply by the power of thought? For David Laroche, researcher and international lecturer, other ingredients are necessary for success.

This article was published in the magazine FemininBio #21 February-March 2019

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When I was younger, I felt bad about myself, I didn’t have self-confidence and I saw everything negatively. One day I made the decision to get out of this state and my search for solutions made me discover the “law of attraction”.

It is based on the idea that our thoughts are creative, that we attract what we think about the most. So I started to visualize what I wanted to achieve. This was a big step in my life as I adopted a more constructive way of thinking. However, no matter how much I visualized my dreams, not all of them came true. So I tried to figure out why.

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I flew to the United States to meet people who had participated in the film The secret, on the law of attraction. I also interviewed artists, athletes, entrepreneurs who were all successful. And this research work led me to discover the ingredients that I was missing.

Directing our thoughts to succeed

Numerous scientific experiments have proven that when we are particularly interested in a subject, we filter the world accordingly thanks to the activating reticular system. He makes sure, for example, that a pregnant woman spots baby shops and is attracted by a poster on a nativity scene… while at the same time her entrepreneur friend notices costume shops or the opportunity to invest in a fashionable store.

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Thereby, the more we think about a project or a dream, the more we will perceive the opportunities that are available to us and even provoke them. Our thoughts have an impact on our body and our emotionsthen directing them to our dreams does indeed have an important role.

Knowing our true desires

But still it is necessary to know our true dreams! Some people visualize things they don’t really want: a car, recognition, money… But that’s not what inspires them.

In U.S releasing projections of our parents, of society, of our loved ones, and by going towards what makes us vibrate, we increase our motivation. Because motivation is not the cause of success, but in reality the consequence of a project who really inspires us.

When you do something you love, you become motivated but also creative and organized, which actually increases your chances of success.

Be careful, because the law of attraction can cause you to fail more!

Indeed, visualizing the result is not enough. In one study, high school students were separated into three groups. One group had to visualize themselves having the baccalaureate, thinking about the result, while the other group had, in addition to the result, to visualize themselves revising, seeing the potential difficulties.

The first group performed less well than the control group while the participants of the second group obtained the best results. Why ? Because they trained to succeed.

It happens to me regularly, in coaching, to exchange with people who do not understand why they do not achieve what they visualize. By questioning them it turns out that these people want to get the job, the man or the woman of their dreams, but they focus on their objective, without clarifying how to achieve itwithout acting.

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Yes, it is important that they visualize the result. Just as it is important that they anticipate the obstacles that may stand in their way, that they visualize how to react to them and then take action. They can train, train, ask for help, work on their self-confidence, expand their network…

Staying in the fantasy that it will be easy or that it will fall from the sky does not allow success. Thinking that it’s going to be hard and that you’ll never get there sets you up for failure. Take the time to visualize each potential difficulty, without getting emotional (“It would be horrible if that happened to me…“), and look for solutions.

The key to success is to say to yourself:Whether it’s easy or difficult, I prepare myself and I can face all eventualities.”

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After years of research on success and well-being, hundreds of interviews and hundreds of coaching, I can say one thing: not believing in a project or a dream guarantees that you will not achieve it. Believing in it is a prerequisite but does not guarantee the result.

Knowing our dreams, turning our thoughts towards them, preparing ourselves for the difficulties we may encounter, being in a rich energy and taking action, here are the keys to success for me!

Let’s summarize:

1. Find a project that truly inspires you, the kind of project you naturally have energy for.
2. Visualize yourself achieving your goal and how you feel.
3. Imagine all potential difficulties in a neutral and objective way.
4. Clarify how to react to it and practice.
5. Take action and provoke opportunities.
6. Bonus: take the time to appreciate what you already have.

David Laroche why the law of attraction is not enoughFor further
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David Laroche: why the law of attraction is not enough?

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