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Here are the main headlines developed by the national press for Friday, October 28, 2022


• The Minister of Industry and Trade, Ryad Mezzour, plans to increase the number of vehicles produced in the Kingdom to one million. Similarly, the value of automotive exports should double by 2025 to reach 200 billion dirhams against 100 billion dirhams currently. To achieve this, government and players in the system rely on strengthening the technological offer. And according to professionals, this shift has already begun. This is evidenced by the good positioning of the Kingdom in terms of wiring automation systems, or even the process of developing batteries for electric cars, which is scorned by the national industry. So much good news announced during the 7th edition of the Automotive Meetings Tangier-Med show.

• The Minister Delegate for Digital Transition and Administrative Reform, Ghita Mezzour, stressed to Parliament that the memoranda of understanding recently signed by her department with international partners will help create more than 14,000 direct jobs in the field. digital, with investments estimated at 595 million dirhams (MDH). In response to two oral questions in the House of Representatives on the adoption of digitalization for the attraction of investments and on the promotion of jobs in the digital field, Ms. Mezzour indicated that these investments relate to the establishment of units affiliated with leading international companies in digital technology in several regions of the Kingdom.

The morning

• The State is continuing the restructuring of its portfolio of EEPs. Several operations are thus scheduled for 2023. These relate in particular to the transformation of ONDA and ONHYM into public limited companies and the treatment of the debt problem of ONCF and ADM. Similarly, a restructuring plan for ONEE’s activities will be enacted and will result in the disengagement of the Office from the distribution activity by creating regional companies dedicated to this activity.

• The Minister of Justice, Abdellatif Ouahbi, affirmed on Wednesday in Rabat that Law No. 95-17 relating to arbitration and conventional mediation represents one of the important reforms carried out in Morocco. The Minister, who was speaking at a study day organized by the People’s Movement group in the House of Representatives on the theme “arbitration, conventional mediation and reconciliation, important levers for improving the climate business in Morocco”, indicated that this text is of crucial importance with regard to the positioning of the Kingdom at the international level, before adding that the specialized economic institutions assess the effectiveness of the measures in favor of arbitration and mediation in countries before rating them.

The Economist

• “44% is the estimated increase in business failures between 2019 and 2023 for Morocco! At the global level, over the same period, this increase is 2%”, forecast the experts of Allianz Trade. After two years of decline, business failures should increase in 2022 and 2023 almost everywhere. It’s a global trend, according to an analysis by Allianz Trade. In the case of Morocco, “the rebound in business failures is one of the most spectacular”. Indeed, according to Allianz Trade: “In Morocco, the effect of the economic crisis will begin to be felt more acutely in 2023, where exceptional public aid and great stability of macroeconomic aggregates had made it possible to digest the exogenous shocks”. At the origin of these alarmist forecasts, the combination of several factors: in particular the additional impact of the energy shock, the strong dependence on imports of petroleum products, or inflationary pressure.

• In Benguerir, the OCP foundation is developing a new university model in Morocco. A model, certainly inspired by international best practices, but taking into account local and continental specificities. The Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P), erected on a former OCP mine, is following in the footsteps of major international applied research institutions. It is also developing an entire ecosystem dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship. The institution aims to be a platform open to all of Africa. Nearly 17 billion dirhams have already been invested there, and counting. New projects, in Benguerir and elsewhere, are in the making.


• The 3rd phase of the “Kif Takwine” training program on the medicinal and therapeutic uses of cannabis for the benefit of doctors, pharmacists and nurses, will be launched in November, announced the Moroccan Consultative Association for the Use of Cannabis (AMCUC). This third phase of the training program aims to take advantage of successful global experiences in the medical use of cannabis in the healthcare system, and to make them available to patients through medical prescriptions issued by doctors or pharmacists. , specifying pathways for patient follow-up, so as to build the capacity of healthcare professionals, AMCUC said in a statement.

Al Bayane

• The Moroccan Society of Tourism Engineering (SMIT) plans a total amount of investments (excluding the Forsa program and support for tourist accommodation establishments – EHT) of 2.2 billion dirhams (MMDH) during the 2023-2025 period, according to the report on public establishments and enterprises (EEP). Thus, the company will invest 635 million dirhams (MDH) in 2023, 750 MDH in 2024 and 815 MDH in 2025, specifies this report accompanying the finance bill (PLF) for next year. According to the same source, the projected investments for 2022 amount to more than 2.26 billion dirhams and concern State support for the upgrading of EHTs (597 million dirhams), the financing of the operationalization of the “Forsa” program (1.243 billion dirhams), engineering and influence (27 million dirhams), land development (60.2 million dirhams) and investment in the development of the tourist product (cultural, nature, seaside and support for tourism VSEs/SMEs) for an amount of 338.39 MDH.

Al Massae

• A new program contract will be signed with the Interprofessional Federation of the poultry sector in Morocco (FISA) to continue the development of the sector as part of the “Green Generation” strategy, the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries announced on Wednesday. Maritime, Rural Development and Water and Forests, Mohammed Sadiki. The poultry sector is a priority for the state, Sadiki told the press at the 23rd edition of the Casablanca poultry show “Dawajine 2022”. And to recall the signing in 2009 of a program contract between the State and the FISA within the framework of the Green Morocco Plan, which ended in 2020 with significant results.

Bayane Al Yaoum

• Treasury debt should reach 960 billion dirhams (MMDH) in 2022, against 886 billion dirhams a year earlier, according to Attijari Global Research (AGR). “In light of the evolutions of the main State budget items during Q3-2022, we are confident about the Treasury’s ability to control its budget deficit in 2022 below 6% of GDP. Under these conditions, the Treasury’s debt would reach 960 billion dirhams in 2022, against 886 billion dirhams in 2021″, estimates AGR in its “Budget Focus – Fixed income” for the month of September. In detail, the domestic debt should reach 731 billion dirhams in 2022, up +7.7% compared to 2021 and the external debt should increase by +9.9%, from 208 billion dirhams in 2021 to 229 billion dirhams in 2022. , says the same source.

Al Ittihad Al Ichtiraki

• Colombian senators from different political parties protested on Tuesday evening against President Gustavo Petro’s decision to recognize the pseudo “rasd”, on the occasion of the presentation of a motion signed by an overwhelming majority which considers that the position of this left-wing president “goes against the fundamental principles of Colombian diplomacy”. Speaking after the reading of this motion, given by the Secretary General of the Senate, Gregorio Eljach Pacheco, Senator Germán Blanco Alvarez, member of the Conservative Party (in power) and former Speaker of the House of Representatives, castigated the decision of President Gustavo Petro (left) which damages diplomatic and economic relations with Morocco. The senator recalled, during this plenary session, the various conventions signed between Morocco and Colombia, including that of visa exemption, as well as the progress made in bilateral relations whose viability is threatened today because of the Colombian interference in the internal affairs of the Kingdom.

Al Ahdath Al Maghribia

• The work session of the Economy and Finance Committee in the House of Representatives on the general discussion of the 2023 finance bill was marked by skirmishes between parliamentarians from the majority and the opposition. The confrontation was launched twice, which forced the chairman of the commission to adjourn the session. The words of Abdallah Bouano, president of the PJD parliamentary group, who accused the government of “corrupting” the most representative unions, created an outcry on Wednesday. The parliamentary representative of Istiqlal, Khadija Zoumi, asked Bouano to withdraw this accusation and apologize. She felt that, being a trade unionist, she would not agree to undermine the probity of trade unions negotiating with the government. While rejecting these accusations, which she considered “gratuitous”, Zoumi called on the president of the commission to call on the judicial police to investigate these accusations and refer the case to the courts.

Rissalat Al Oumma

• Whether in terms of values ​​or consumption habits, the health crisis has clearly transformed societies, Moroccans being no exception, according to a survey conducted by the international consulting agency ”MARCO”, based in Madrid . The study, carried out during the months of May and June 2022, among 14,200 people in 14 countries, confirms this observation and highlights that all social classes, generations and regions combined, 75% of Moroccans declare that the pandemic has changed them. The ”MARCO 2022: Consumption habits after the Covid-19 pandemic” survey collected the opinions of respondents on a selection of topics ranging from brand responsibility, the environment, sources of information , instead of social networks, cryptocurrency and metaverse.

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Daily press review for this Friday, October 28, 2022 | Hespress French

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