Carrières-sous-Poissy: the new Jean-Giono school inaugurated

There were many of them to attend the inauguration of the Jean-Giono school, completely renovated and enlarged. (©FJ/78news)

There was a real party atmosphere this Saturday, January 7 in Carrières-sous-Poissy.

Hundreds of people had come for the official inauguration of the Jean Giono school, to the tunes of popular songs, like Bohemian or Friends firsttaken over by the NDanim brass band, from Carrières-sous-Poissy.

Since Thursday, January 5, teachers and students have been able to integrate their new Jean-Giono school entirely good as new. “We had to postpone the start of the school year by a day to be able to move all our belongings on Tuesday in one day”, specifies the director of the establishment, Valérie Lamerenx.

For 3 years, students and teachers have been in Algeco® a little further in the courtyard. The inauguration of this new school building was eagerly awaited by teachers, parents and children.

“On Thursday, my children couldn’t sit still, they were really happy to go to this new school. I told them: “calm down, it’s a new school, it’s not a new attraction”, explains a mother, laughing.

“After 3 years spent in Algeco®, we opened the school to the children with emotion. Each teacher received the students in the courtyard. The children did not move they were amazed. I’m happy with the result, there was a real collaboration with the town hall, the company Maître cube, and the teaching team who really gave their all. »

Valerie LamerenxDirector of the Jean-Giono school

An equipped and ecological school

“It’s a chance, we each have our classes with our educational space, they are well equipped with ENI (Interactive Digital Screen)”, describes a teacher.

“We have the internet, which is a luxury,” adds another. “This school is well isolated, there is a sound calm. In the Algeco®, we could hear our colleague courting and the noise of the work. We feel soothed, ”adds the same teacher.

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“And then everything is adapted, it is accessible for people with disabilities”, deciphers a third teacher in charge of students with learning difficulties.

This new school, classified as REP+ (priority education network), now has 25 classes, of which only 15 are currently in use. There is also a 200 m² leisure reception area, a 90 m² library and a room dedicated to RASED (Network of specialized support for pupils in difficulty).

It is made of 70% wood.. “A cubic meter of wood is a ton of stored CO2”, argues the municipality. “We acted not only for the good of our children but also for the planet”, welcomed the city councilor.

On October 12, the City received the 2022 Interdepartmental Prize for Urban Innovation for this project in the “Architectural, landscape and environmental innovations” category.

Substantial funding from the department

This school cost in total, 10.2 million euros, it was 70% financed by the department and there was also a contribution of €293,300 from the Family Allowance Fund (CAF).

“This school is more than a symbol, it is the reality of what we do on a daily basis to give the best to our youth”, chanted Eddie Aït in his speech.

In a speech of his own, Pierre Bédier, the president of the departmental council insists on this important participation of the Department.

You are in a city with limited means with little or no industry and therefore little or no fiscal resources. It is therefore essential for you that we can help you with the contribution of rich cities and this is the responsibility of the departmental council. Which explains this funding that has existed nowhere else. And if the law had allowed us to do more, we would have done it

Pierre Bedier President of the Departmental Council

The mayor also unveiled the new name, of the common forecourt of the Jean-Giono and Frédéric-Mistral school, completely redone entitled “place Marcel-Pagnol”.

“It’s a vast space open to the neighborhood, making it possible to organize festive events, social events in the neighborhood and to stimulate a strong link between the school and its environment,” explains Eddie Aït.

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Carrières-sous-Poissy: the new Jean-Giono school inaugurated

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