“Avatar 2”: Is James Cameron signing a grandiose film with “The Way of the Water”?

It took viewers 13 years to return to Pandora. Remember, in 2009, James Cameron unveiled the story of‘Avatar. An ambitious film with a substantial budget (315 million dollars) which had been thought up in 1995, during the preproduction of titanic. The feature film, when it was released, amazed the public thanks to its clever and avant-garde use of 3D, but also thanks to its never-before-seen computer graphics. A visual firework that mixes a gripping scenario, very committed to ecology, and endearing characters. Enough to allow the feature film to register as the greatest success of cinema with more than 3 billion dollars in revenue. An unequivocal success for the film released in theaters on September 21.

So inevitably, the following, The way of the water, which arrives this Wednesday in dark rooms crystallizes all the expectations of the public. Fun Radio was able to discover the film in preview and reveals to you, without spoiler, why this sequel to the adventures of Jake Sully [héros principal du film, ndlr] truly blew us away. Avatar: The Waterway is a slap of every moment. More than that, it’s a love letter to all cinema fans against a backdrop of crucial themes such as ecology, courage, the quest for self. James Cameron proves once again all his talent as a director. A titanic work that required no less than 5 years of writing. Prepare to be amazed for more than 3 hours.

A stunning accomplishment…

Avatar: The Waterway is a real visual feat. The film sheds light on the planet of Pandora on which Jake Sully and Neytiri left us in 2009. This, after the departure of the Earthlings, was able to regain its perfect harmony. The fauna and flora have never been so beautiful. The first part was already a small digital revolution for the time. Today, thanks to years of work, James Cameron manages to deliver the most visually accomplished science fiction film.

For more than 3 hours, the American director manages to make us travel with poetry in an environment of abyssal beauty.. The director goes even further by exploring the seabed of Pandora. Whales, sharks, jellyfish… All the underwater creatures are perfectly well transcribed. The aquatic aspect is wonderfully highlighted. It sometimes feels like swimming alongside the protagonists.

On the animation side, James Cameron and his teams have gone even further by successfully implementing new digital processes allowing unprecedented realism in the computer-generated images revealed. The emotions of each character are breathtakingly realistic. Anger, joy, frustration, disappointment, empathy… The facial animations are striking. Enough to let powerful emotions shine through.

… in the service of a moving and engaging scenario

After fighting the Earthlings who came to sack Pandora, the Na’vi managed to recover their land. But despite this, more than ever, their planet is in danger. And for good reason, “the invaders of the sky” are back. Threatened, the couple Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) as well as their four children are therefore forced into exile from their tribe, the Omatikaya clan, in order to find peace with the aquatic people of the Metkayina . And for good reason, Colonel Quaritch (Stephen Lang), reincarnated in a Na’vi body, tracks them down and wishes Jake Sully dead. For this, he will be bloodthirsty and ready to do anything – even if it means performing the worst acts – to catch his prey.

Cameron unveils here a film deeply committed to Man and his harmful consequences on the planet. Tyrant, barbaric, inhuman. He is portrayed as a real predator who, without faith or law, ransacks the environment in which he bathes and plunders its resources. Ecology is one of the crucial themes of this sequel. Already present in the first part, its place is further exposed and explored. Aware of the climate issue that strikes our time, the American director sends it right back to us. In addition to this, the film addresses other equally important themes such as resilience, mourning or even the family.

Avatar: The Waterway is, without possible debate, a great film which will manage to reconcile the public with the cinemas. More than a movie Avatar 2 is a kind of attraction during which you will be amazed for 3 hours. The event film of this end of the year is indeed grandiose. As a reminder, the saga Avatar will run until 2028 with 5 films.

Under what conditions should the film be seen?

To take full advantage of the visual madness offered to us Avatar: The Waterway, it is essential to attend the session in good conditions. Thus, we recommend that you watch the film in IMAX 3D or Dolby Cinema, but also in HFR (High Frame Rate) in order to fully enjoy the best possible experience. Whether it’s about the image or the sound (special mention to the absolutely brilliant sound effects of the film as well as the grandiloquent music that is heard at the right time), the smallest detail has been thought out by Cameron to make us vibrate. It would be a shame not to live the ultimate experience.

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“Avatar 2”: Is James Cameron signing a grandiose film with “The Way of the Water”?

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