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Do not panic, there is no question of a disaster so far, but the fact is that a component of a Chinese rocket – the “Long March-5B” (LM-5B) rocket – will crash into Earth this weekend (between Saturday evening and Sunday July 31). Scientists are not able to calculate where and when it will fall precisely. This is the central stage of the 21-ton rocket which was to deliver a new module to its Chinese space station. Launched on Sunday July 24 by the Chinese space agency, the 33-meter-long cylinder, weighing more than 20 tons, remained in orbit and will therefore fall, attracted by the Earth’s attraction.

This July 29, in an article, the newspaper “The World” specifies that the debris should crash into an area between “ the 41st parallel south which passes south of Africa. No risk for metropolitan France therefore, but this very vast area, which contains southern Europe, a huge part of America, the entire African continent, southern Asia and almost all of Australia, still has 88% of the world’s population… “.

In the possible trajectories, experts from the European Union in Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST) predict that one of them “ could potentially affect southern European airspace,” either Portugal, Spain, France, Italy or Greece for example.

This mini psychosis is reminiscent of the one that shook France a few months before the total eclipse of August 31, 1999. At the time, the famous couturier Paco Rabanne had announced that Mir Station would fall on Paris on that date, irradiating it and destroying it completely.

Paris destroyed by a space station

A prophecy that he had come to tell on the set of the program “We take care of you”, on May 10, 1999, on the occasion of the publication of his book, 1999, fire from heaven. At the microphone of Valérie Expert, he revealed the origin of this apocalyptic prophecy that he had decided to make public. Black shirt, Mao collar, the couturier admitted to receiving visions of the destruction of Paris since he was 17, calling himself a “ seeing “. In these recurring visions, he saw terrifying scenes of ” burnt bodies throwing themselves into the Seine “. Paco Rabanne based his warning on the fact that he was not the first to have had such visions. According to him, most of the prophecies, concerning the ” capital of Gaul referred to such a catastrophe during a day of darkness “.

He said he first thought of the fall of a comet, before a CNRS researcher told him that the fall of a space station containing plutonium could cause this type of destructive scene. The “Cassandra” also evoked a quatrain from the prophecies of Nostradamus which referred to ” Mir “. This was what had forged his conviction. The author specified that the writing of this book had cost him, but that he could not take refuge ” in the countryside leaving 20 million corpses ” behind him. He nevertheless specified that the prophecies were not ” not inevitable » and that they could serve « warning “.

He predicted the beginning of the descent on July 28 (1999) and its fatal fall on August 11, the day of the eclipse. At the end of the interview, the mage promised that if this catastrophe did not take place, he would be silent ” for ever “. Concluding: “pI will never talk about prophecies or this theme anywhere. “.

The aperitif of the survivors

Some had nevertheless decided to say fuck the apocalypse by meeting in Paris, a few meters from Paco Rabanne’s shop. There, they had installed a blue tarp to recover the irradiated rubble, which was scheduled to fall at 11:22 a.m. After a happy countdown filmed for TV, and a non-event, a giant aperitif was organized while waiting for the eclipse show, which went well at the scientifically scheduled time.

The work of Paco Rabanne had aroused more mockery than fear. Nothing had happened on August 11, 1999, except for a magnificent astronomical event, a complete solar eclipse that the French had been able to admire well protected by special glasses. But who knows… What if the mage-couturier had been 22 years in advance? We will have the answer quickly.

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August 31, 1999: when Paco Rabanne predicted the fall of the Mir space station in Paris | INA

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