Attract a woman: we tell you how to do it!

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How to go about attracting a woman?

L’attraction physical is a natural phenomenon that occurs when a person presents an advantageous physique that corresponds to our ideal of beauty, this attraction also falls within the scope of sexual attraction that one person exerts on another. Thus, it depends on several factors, mainly our perception of others and the criteria we favor in terms of physical appearance. We can therefore be attracted to a particular person and have a very specific type, if men approach physical attraction on a more carnal level, women, for their part, are in search of emotional ties and emotional complicity above all. . So how do you manage to seduce the woman you physically like and win her over?

Attract a woman: we tell you how to do it!

What is physical attraction?

L’physical attraction refers to a natural process that occurs when a person experiences physical attraction towards another, this phenomenon is characterized by the secretion of certain chemical substances, naturally present in our body, such as pheromones and which can manifest themselves through the odor or perspiration, these act as real magnets between the two sexes and help to increase physical attraction.

A evolutionary psychology theory suggests that attraction physical is based on our genetic predisposition to choose a sexual partner with the best reproductive potential and explains why we are more attracted by people who have an advantageous physique. Thus, men generally have a preference for women who present voluptuous curves as well as facial symmetry, while women lean towards a slender man with a robust body.

How is physical attraction manifested in women?

Physical attraction in a woman presents itself a little more differently than in humans and this manifests itself through a set of body signs. Thus, a woman who is attracted to you will tend to act in the following way:

  • She will smile more often in your company.
  • She will touch her hair.
  • She will take better care of herself and show off more, either with make-up or clothes.
  • She will seek to know you more and will ask more and more personal questions about you.
  • She will show jealousy if you talk to other girls.

How to seduce a woman you like and how to maintain the seduction?

It is clear that men and women do not approach physical attraction in the same way, if the man is more interested in the physique of the woman, the latter seeks above all to create emotional ties with him and to be filled with love and affection. Thus, if you want to please a woman, it is not necessary to bet everything on your physical appearance to conquer her, because this is not a determining factor, rather be careful to be gentle, attentive and benevolent towards her, because women are sensitive to these qualities.

Otherwise, it is important to be charismatic and to show maturity and assurance when talking to her, because for a woman, there is nothing more attractive than a man who is sure of himself and who is not afraid to take up the challenges of life.

To be genuinely interested in her, to listen to her attentively and to encourage her in the pursuit of her dreams and aspirations, represents a real token of attention towards the woman you want to seduce.

The woman is very loyal in nature and generally, she remains faithful to the man she loves, nevertheless, it is necessary not to take her for granted and to maintain a game of seduction with her. Thus, it will always be necessary to surprise her from time to time with thoughtful gestures, such as a romantic dinner by the sea or a gift that will make her happy in order to seduce her again and show her that she matters. always so much for you.

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Attract a woman: we tell you how to do it!

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