Astro: these books to be well in your body and in your head

How to stop worrying at the office? Why am I so anxious? Will anxiety ever make the decision to leave me alone? After two years of health crisis tied up with restrictions of all kinds, many French people have asked themselves these kinds of questions. Well-being, and in particular taking care of yourself, is now a theme that is increasingly favored in our private and professional sphere.. But if there are countless techniques for decompressing (practicing a physical and sporting activity, changing your eating habits, getting into CBD, exploring meditation, etc.), it is not always easy to grasp the one that best suits our needs. expectations, our desires, our tastes and our objectives. So maybe it’s time to turn to the essentials, like reading. Our ultimate advice: get to the heart of the astrology and esoteric rays to get your hands on these books that will help you better understand yourself through the zodiac, witchcraft or yoga.

  • “Are you Astro-compatible?” »by Christine Haas, €12.90
  • “Astro map”by Mathilde Fachan, €18.90
  • “Astro Planner – To cross the year under a lucky star”by Mathilde Fachan, €14.90
  • “I’m taking up astro! »by Hélèna Dryburgh, 15.90 euros
  • “My Astro notebook”by Sophie Hérolt-Petitpas, €7.90

Books: these good vibes products to get better

Attracting positive waves thanks to the law of attraction, finding love, making your daily life less stressful, increasing your vibration frequency, waking up the witch who hides in us… So many themes that are covered in many books devoted to astrology, esotericism or modern witchcraft. And that the most reluctant to these subjects are now wrong: no one asks anyone to believe it. Indeed, the signs of the zodiac or the reading of the chart of the sky allow above all to take a step back from your life, ask yourself the right questions, in other words to start a form of meditation (even if, let’s remember, meditation is an art in its own right). We therefore recommend many books to allow you to flirt with the spiritual, and no longer suffer your days like the influencer’s book shera perfect for beginners: “Astrobook – The guide to getting better in your life”, available in all good bookstores since October 21, 2021. In the same style, “I’m taking up astro! by Helena Dryburgh invites you to decode the signs of the zodiac to better interpret them with one goal: to get to know yourself better.

  • “My AstroYoga”by Catherine Saurat-Pavard, €20
  • “The Astrology of Love – For One Night or For Life? Your affinities, sign by sign »by Jean-Yves Espié, €19.95
  • “Ask the Magic Book a question, it will answer you…”by MAM, 9.90 euros
  • “Astrobook – The guide to getting better in your life”by Shera, €18.50
  • “Affirmations, Positive Guidance and Prayers: Raise Your Vibrational Frequency to Use the Law of Attraction”by LMH, 6.99 euros
  • “Become a witch”by Mathilde Fouquet, €6

Impossible to miss “My Yoga Astro” by Catherine Saurat-Pavard which offers a totally new approach to yoga: that is to say, use it to discover the functioning and influence of astrological cycles in order to reconnect with our true nature. Techniques, tips and advice also present in the book of Mathilde Fouquet, “Become a witch”, published by Leduc editions. In summary, the perfect little guide to discover your spiritual personality through historical anecdotes and various rituals, all with the aim of reveal your powerful feminine. To feel better, find peace of mind, rediscover communication with others or simply develop your curiosity, one thing is certain: with these books, be sure to cross a new year under the protection of your lucky starthe heart (finally) light.

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Astro: these books to be well in your body and in your head

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