Appointment of the Council of Ministers – The CSQ insists on the importance of social dialogue

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QUEBEC, the Oct 20, 2022. /CNW Telbec/ – The Centrale des unions du Qubec (CSQ) welcomes the appointment of the new Council of Ministers and takes this opportunity to recall the importance of social dialogue in meeting the challenges facing Qubec in the coming months. The CSQ is reaching out to new ministers to find solutions and put workers back at the heart of decision-making, especially in the midst of a labor shortage.

Rarely has there been so little mention of education in a campaign! The same is also true for higher education, health and early childhood, as well as for the vast majority of the issues driving the CSQ and which concern our members on a daily basis. And yet, there is so much to do!, asserts the president of the CSQ, ric Gingras, while inviting the government not to show arrogance in its relations with the labor organizations despite its comfortable majority.

Education, the priority of priorities?

Tremendous challenges await the new Minister of Education, Bernard Drainville. equality of opportunity, dynamics of competition in the school system, school and social mix, method of allocating services to students with special needs, attraction and retention of staff, composition of the class, organization of services and their method of financing, sub- contracting, etc. are the order of the day.

Consulting the players in the education network is one thing, but listening to us, understanding us and trying to find solutions that involve all the partners in the network is another! And this is exactly what we expect from the next Minister of Education, said ric Gingras in reaction to the appointment of Bernard Drainville. There are very big challenges to face in our network and concrete actions are needed quickly. If this is the will of the new minister, it will therefore be welcome, and we will work in this direction.

The CSQ intends to fully assume its role as a leader in education in Qubec and will ensure that the decisions made by the new minister place staff and students at the heart of the process. For the Centrale, Qubec is ripe for serious reflection on the future of the network. It is in this perspective that the CSQ will organize, later this fall, the Rendez-vous de l’ducation.

Higher education, too often ignored

The CSQ deplores the fact that higher education has been relegated to the background in recent years, despite the many issues driving the network, including academic freedom. The CSQ therefore welcomes the arrival of a new minister in the person of Pascale Dry.

There really is leadership to be taken, the place that has been so empty, so to speak, for several months already. The network nevertheless contributes to the training of manpower, which therefore makes it an essential link in alleviating the shortage of personnel. When we talk about succession, it also goes through higher education, to recall the president of the CSQ.

Putting people back at the heart of the healthcare network

The government chose to unveil its health plan before the election campaign, a strategy that allowed it to avoid discussions during the election campaign…and simply remind people that they have a plan. If Minister Dub insists on the importance of putting people back at the heart of the health network-which is of course commendable-we take the liberty of reminding him that, to achieve this, we must also put the personnel heart of decisions. We must take care of the world that takes care of the world!, to insist ric Gingras.

The challenges regarding the future of the health network are numerous and the CSQ is already hard at work, particularly with regard to the deployment of the Health Plan, the possible Sant Qubec agency to review the governance of the health system and the increased role of the priv. So many concerns raised by the Centrale and for which vigilance will be required. We should also add that the CSQ is making demands in favor of the establishment of universal public drug insurance as well as universal public dental insurance.

Quality places in the early childhood network

The greatest challenge of the new Minister of the Family, Suzanne Roywill certainly be the pursuit of the development of quality places in the network of CPEs and regulated and subsidized family environments.

There is an issue of social equity, but also of access to the labor market for women. Of course, the labor shortage context also makes the development and progress of the site difficult. We must therefore look into measures to attract the next generation, while preserving the quality of services. For the CSQ, there is a major issue. The proliferation of short training courses will therefore be part of our concerns, as will the importance of favoring CPEs in the conversion of places in unsubsidized private daycare centres, argues the president of the CSQ.

Pay equity, we need more than talk about it

We need to give the Pay Equity Act more bite. In 2022, it’s really time to settle this file. We will of course continue our representations in this direction, in particular with the Minister of Labour, John Bouletwith whom we have also had the opportunity to discuss it several times, to indicate ric Gingras.

Recall that the membership of the CSQ is made up of more than 80% women and that the issue of pay equity is a major issue, supported by the members of the Centrale.

Still on the labor side, the CSQ reminds the Minister of the importance of putting workers at the center of decisions and listening to their needs, and not just those of the industry. This is especially true in the midst of shortages and inflation. I invite the Minister to be proactive on this side. Maintaining a healthy climate is important so that we can work together to find solutions to meet the challenges of shortage.

Treasury Board – To put an end to the psychodrama of negotiations

Knowing that the new rounds of negotiations for collective agreements in the public sector begin this month, the president of the CSQ invites the president of the Conseil du trésor, Sonia LeBel, in the utmost seriousness from the very beginning of the process. La Centrale points out that reinvestment is essential in the various public networks and that the shortage affects all job categories.

There is no reason to continually relive the same psychodrama that has surrounded public sector negotiations for too long. The needs are there, and we will have to work in this direction. the CSQ, social dialogue, we believe in it, and it is also true at the bargaining tables. But it can’t be one-sided, warns ric Gingras.

Profile of the CSQ

The CSQ represents nearly 215,000 members, approximately 125,000 of whom are education personnel. The CSQ has 11 federations that bring together some 240 affiliated unions; there is also the AREQ (CSQ), the Association of Pensioners and Retired from Education and Other Public Services in Qubec. The CSQ is also present in the health and social services, early childhood education, municipal, recreation, culture, community and communications sectors.

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Appointment of the Council of Ministers – The CSQ insists on the importance of social dialogue

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