Animations – Funfair in Nevers: how is the safety of the rides ensured?

Its attraction was particularly noticed at the funfair in Nevers: the pirate ship with the cages. Before hitting the road again, Monday June 20, for Marseille (read below), its owner Gunther Jourdelat explained: “It’s a brand new carousel, which left the factory in 2019. The cages were added by the manufacturer, in the Czech Republic. It’s what makes the most, a new version of an old merry-go-round”. Standing, “there is a weightlessness effect”.

According to the fairground, in Nevers, “people have more trouble getting used to than in Paris, where we come from. But it’s better as the days go by, ”he observed on June 15, while ensuring that it is checked every morning: “It is our jewel”.

Funfair in Nevers: “It’s a budget, I know, but it’s traditional”

In France, fairgrounds are under the watchful eye of mayors. “There was no safety commission since this kind of event is not subject to a visit”, indicated Major Rossignol, head of the prevention service at SDIS 58. Before its opening, the firefighters assured of being able to access the aisles with their vehicles in the event of an intervention.

Compulsory technical inspection

A law of 2008 lays the legal foundations with regard to the safety of attractions: “An initial and periodic technical inspection, carried out or checked by approved organizations, is planned. Any operator of amusement rides, machines or facilities is required to display the name of the inspection body and the date of the last inspection visit”. The conclusions of the technical inspection report are submitted to the municipality.

The showmen, in Nevers, offered 80 stuffed animals to Foutu cancer 58

Steven Piermee, at the head of Techno Power, a thrill ride that rotates 360°, with accelerations of 80 km/h, confirms: “There is a check every year, in September. My carousel came out in 2019, it has only been running for a year because of the Covid. I took a three-day training course with the builder. He came to assemble it for the first time with me, then to dismantle it”. He also reports checking the wiring feet, the bolts, the lubrication, the harnesses every morning… “We have to restart it empty for safety”, he explains. Steven Piermee wants to be reassuring: “It’s our job […]. And each room has a sensor. At the slightest minimetre, the merry-go-round stops”.

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Fireworks. He will be drawn Saturday June 25 at the kiosk in the Roger-Salengro park in Nevers, around 10:30 p.m.
Note that due to the late dates of the festival this year, several rides have had to dismantle since Sunday, including the Pirate Ship, the SkySurf, the New Safari Folie and the Booster. They left on other parties in the South.

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Animations – Funfair in Nevers: how is the safety of the rides ensured?

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