9 reasons to put yourself ahead of others in 2022

I still remember Friday, December 31, 2019, full of hope. This year 2020, ” it’s mine “. In 2020, I’m sure it will only happen to me good things. Race results? A Covid-19 three weeks later and a succession of tragedies personal and social. Clearly, I had never been so wrong about my predictions for the coming year. Three days after wishing a happy new year 2022 to all my loved ones, what assessment? A third dose, a fifth wave and its peak which is not very far away, a medical body exhausted and humans who, more than ever, have understood the meaning of mental load ». The glimmer of hope? Remind me that all the greatest epidemics passed away after two and a half years. So we’re almost there. But especially after two years of living in halfin 2022, it is important to live for yourself.

In 2022: we make ourselves the number 1 priority

Over the past two years, we have had to think about others. Above all. Do not contaminate our elders. Don’t go out because you feel woozy. Cry for our loved ones who did not survive the epidemic wave. Stay away from our person because she is afraid of having been contaminated. Stay locked up weeks. Thinking about the after while suffocating. Seeing no improvement. Wishing each other a happy new year 2021 knowing that it will not be good. hold good resolutions that we won’t last, because anyway, life is already so shitty that we won’t help but to smoke three four cigarettes a week. But 2022 is different. In 2022, we really want to believe that we will get through this. Because in the end, there’s something more serious than not being able to dance in a nightclub and having to walk around with a mask on the face.

Have you taken care to write down your resolutions? Whether you hold them or not, the most important thing is to have them written. This allows to perform a introspection on the past year and to know what we want and what we no longer want. For my part, I decided that the most important thing was to become a little more self-centered in 2022. Whether you start the year alone or as a couple, the most important thing is you. And that, it will really have to be integrated. In 2022, it is essential to put yourself before your couplebefore her lover and even before her best‧es friend.are. Primordial. Why ? spoiler : no one will do it for you. You will always be your own priority and no one else’s. And as long as you spend your emotions and your desires before those you love, you will be able to feel totally blooming. The possible disappointments in love will be only less painful. Not convinced yet? Here are 9 reasons to make yourself your number one priority.

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9 reasons to put yourself ahead of others in 2022

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