Your 7 most common dreams deciphered by Tristan Moir

[VIDÉO] Have you ever dreamed about the death of your parents? Or your ex? Or want to run but only tread water? Your dreams all have meaning. It’s your subconscious talking. Tristan Moir, dream language specialist, has deciphered the 7 most common dreams.

Discover the 7 dreams deciphered by Tristan Moir:

It’s 7:30 am, the alarm clock rings and we have this funny feeling, that our dream seemed so real but so improbable. Our dreams have a great importance in our life because it is our unconscious that speaks to us. Tristan Moir, specialist in dream language, has deciphered the 7 most common dreams.

Dreaming about your ex

If we dream of our ex, does that necessarily mean that we miss him/her? The answer is no, not necessarily. We must first ask ourselves if our former partner in the dream is not simply a representation of ourselves.

Even if this explanation may seem surprising at first sight, Tristan-Frédéric Moir details: “the ex represents a part of ourselves that we have connected with and which tends to miss us”. Very often, the dream must be taken as a whole: the context, the way the breakup happened… The ex does not necessarily represent the lack of his person, but rather of ours.

“We have both masculine and feminine within us. These dreams are often a connection with that part of us from which we have detached ourselves too much and that we should take back”. The ex therefore represents the part opposite to ours which has remained dormant for too long and which we would need to put back into action: if we are a woman, the ex represents our male part and vice versa. Tristan-Frédéric Moir explains: “The same goes for love at first sight: it is the recognition or attraction to another of a part of us that is inactive. The dream will come to image, to put in emotion, what we feel in relation to this missing part, whether it is our ex or a stranger.

Dreaming about your ex can also be a compensatory dream. Find out more here.

Response, on dreaming of his ex, collected by Solene Vestris.

Have an erotic dream

“Generally speaking, the erotic dream is a symbol of life. It is the drive of Eros, it is the libido. When you have an erotic dream, it means that there is still an energy of life which expresses itself and which needs to be recognized” decrypts Tristan Moir.

There are two types of erotic dreams: compensatory dreams and those that connect us to our opposite pole.

“Some people, for different reasons, don’t have the sex life they would like to have and the dream will have a compensatory function. It comes to give pleasure and assurance. Often these are dreams with penetration » ccontinues the dream specialist. But those aren’t the most majority-made dreams. Generally, there is no penetration but only a very strong feeling of love. Tristan Moir illustrates it with “Very often it is a connection with our opposite pole”. In other words, when a man dreams of a woman with whom he is in fusion, it means that he is good in his body and that he accepts both parts of him, the masculine and the feminine.

dream of death

When we dream of a dead person, whom we value very much, it can be compensation that allows us to continue the relationship. Or it may tell us something we haven’t seen or heard before. As time goes on, the dream will tell us to mourn the relationship.

“On the other hand, dreaming of your own death is almost impossible. At the time when we would be dying, we have a saving process that wakes us up. Our survival instinct is too strong. If one has a different awareness of death, it can happen to dream of one’s death. explains Tristan Moir but he specifies that this is very rare.

We can also see ourselves above our body and in these cases, it means that we are transforming.

For the dream specialist, dreaming of the death of his loved ones, and in particular that of his parents, is very positive: “It means that we kill our parents on a symbolic level, that is to say that we mourn the hierarchical relationship that we have with them”.

Dream about being cheated

There are two possibilities about dreams of deception: either we are the person deceiving, or someone is deceiving us.

“If we are the person who deceives the other, it is because we deceive ourselves. We are not authentic, decrypts Tristan Moir. But in the event that it is your partner who cheats on you, it is often you who project an image which is not the right one”.

He also explains that what is common in the dream is that we put into situation what we experienced in childhood. For instance, “If we lived with a big sister with the feeling that she dispossessed us, you are going to have this feeling that you are being cheated on and you are going to dream about it. One must always seek where the original betrayal of a dream comes from.

Dream about being lost

Dreams where we can no longer find our way are called labyrinthine dreams: we go around in circles, we can’t find our way… “It’s at a time in our life when we are lost, we no longer know who we really are. The person is looking for himself. Most of the time it’s when a child has run out of code and hasn’t had enough transmissions as to how to operate.” explains Tristan Moir.

The second possibility may be that the person is discovering the “me”, so it is more spiritual.

Dreaming about not being able to move forward

Dreams of not being able to run, move forward, scream… are anxiety dreams. It often means that we are faced with a situation where we feel helpless, where we cannot escape from something. “For pursuit dreams, it can be a memory but for others, it can be a feeling of oppression when we are faced with a group that would tend to put us in an unpleasant situation” defined the dream specialist.

For Tristan Moir, it would be necessary to put this dream of powerlessness with a situation that we experienced during childhood because the two are linked.

Dreaming of a snake

Snake dreams are very common in teenagers and adults. These dreams are very powerful and leave a feeling of unease most of the time. In Freudian psychoanalysis, the snake is commonly assimilated to a phallic form, to the male sex itself. This vision is quite reductive. The snake symbolizes much more. He is the symbol of sexual energy itself. This is why it does not appear in children’s dreams, unless there is great precocity or an unfortunate confrontation with this energy.

This symbol most often manifests when this energy is awakening and not being used. It is either by blockage, or by lack of means or opportunities for expression. It can be a question of a difficulty in finding a partner or if we repress our sexual aspect by the constraint of an education that is too rigid. Snake dreams are an expression of fear of this energy seeking expression. If it is not used or transformed, it rises to the surface in our dreams. But it appears in a brutal and terrifying form, that of the serpent. The fear that arises in us at this time is equal to that which we feel vis-à-vis sexuality. The snake can therefore represent our irrepressible sexual energy, which would tend to overwhelm our conscious desire, limited to the field of possibilities that we allow ourselves. This energy then appears as regressive and annihilating the image that we have built of ourselves. The snake is obviously linked to our reptilian brain.

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Your 7 most common dreams deciphered by Tristan Moir

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